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Building A Signature Look On Fiverr [Success Tip]


NOTE - Can’t reply to anyone as I have reached my limit.

Hey Everyone,

I recently started taking selling on Fiverr seriously about 2-3 months ago and already I am getting at least 1 order a day.

One tip I thought I would share with you that has worked great for me (I have even got comments by buyers) Is build a signature look.

What do I mean by that?
For example take a look at the screenshot I have provided. All My Fiverr Gigs (Except testimonials) Have the same background and concept.

I took around 1 hour to create the perfect thumbnail and now everytime I create a gig I use the image template and edit it to tailor the Gig.

This means when people are surfing Fiverr and they see that image they will automatically know it’s me.

I also do a similar thing in my Gig descriptions too, Being unique is a great way to grow on Fiverr.

I hope you got some value out of this, I would love to hear if you guys do the same thing?

Thank you for taking your time to read this post.

Matteo :slight_smile:


That’s not called “Building Consistency”, it’s called having a “Signature” look… :rolling_eyes:

Jeeee now you changed your title and content…
What? You trying to make me look like a :dromedary_camel: now? :rolling_eyes:


I have that. A whole bunch of sad losers stole them because they have no imagination, wit or creativity in their soul.


None of my gig images are alike and I don’t actually get that signature look thingy. What for should we make the images consistent? Explain please.


This could be a gig promotion cunningly disguised as a tip, ya know :wink:


It makes you speciale.


Oh he’s cunning alright, he quickly edited the content after I stated the obvious without even a little nod towards my contribution?


What is the use when most of the buyers are from the search result or from the BR who have never worked with you?


You contacted me on the main platform since you are out of your posting limit.

Let me first tell you, this is a very very inappropriate action. You should never do that again.

You are lucky not only did I decide NOT to report you, I am abstaining from posting a screenshot of that conversation here. As for your question that you asked, my answer lies in the statement prior to this.




He can comeback 24 hours later to post his rebuttal.


@matteo_7355 Are you good to go now?

Creating unique images is coolio. But there will always be a few uncreative bunch to put their paws on other sellers creativity. :skull:


Yes I agree Nika,

In fact since creating this post I have had one of my images taken down by Fiverr, You can call this coincidence but it is very odd lol.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts :slight_smile:


I seriously thought it was a cute hedgehog! Then I realized it’s a camel sticking its tongue out…


I prefere images rather than a personalized background and a lot of text. Since I sell different gigs it would be harder for me to create a signature image.

I admit your signature images are pretty cool, though.


Thank you!

Ye, I would of thought this only works with certain gigs. What gigs do you do if you mind me asking?

Matteo :slight_smile:


Translation, copywriting, transcriptions (all in Italian language) your message on my lips and data entry.


Awesome! I am Italian too :slight_smile:


Yay! :stuck_out_tongue: I thought so, for your name.