Building experience on fiverr and how to find the right gigs that fit your skill sets?



Not sure if this is where to post this or if this
would be better of in the tips for sellers section,
but since this one has more views and posts I decided
to take my chances and post it here.

I am quite new to fiverr.
Because of health problems I am now unable
to do any physically demanding work, nor can I do a office job
because it requires a high degree in a major that I did
not graduate in. Because of that I’m kinda stuck between a rock
and a hard place.

I really want to achieve some form of succes,
And I really want to deliver value.
I have been thinking about using fiverr
and have been experimenting with it a bit.

What would be good gigs to get going?
How can I make myself trusted
and a good source of value for my costumer?

The skills I posses are,
I am technically quite good at after effects,
And I can create a decent motion graphic in vector flat style.
But I am not skilled in voice over and lack the tools to narrate this.

I seen people offering to remove backgrounds in photoshop.
I can do this as well.

I can translate from English to Dutch and the other way around.
But I am defenitly no expert at it and don’t have any language degree.

I also clearly lack experience in the work field.
I only got a little bit of experience through my old internship
where I used to do some jobs in the past few months.

I want to be truly proffesional and good at what I do.
I have been increasing my knowledge about Marketing and
how to find clients and advertise myself, but it is always
easier said than done. Especially if you have difficulty finding
your target audiences.

Is there any advise from experienced people?
I prefer constructive criticism,
But I don’t care if you have to be honest and
a bit harsh about it. I need all the information
no matter what.


Add gigs for what you are best at. There’s no reason why you can’t create multiple gigs (up to 7).
Especially those where there isn’t a lot of competition (eg. you could create a Photoshop background removal gig, but there are thousands of those I think).
Also, though say you offer value, you could also say you offer high quality (or similar wording) so you could charge a higher amount.

So I’d put up gigs of the things you are best at (related to the things you’ve described eg. video related (eg. editing or maybe rotoscoping etc.), motion graphics, logos, translation etc.), with examples (eg. images) and gig info videos, and also send offers.


Thanks this advice is really helpful. By sending offers you mean sending offers directly to buyers on the site, or posting them on forums?


By offers I mean selecting “selling->Buyer Requests” after you’ve created and published a gig or gigs (looking for the most relevant buyer request(s) that you can do and sending an offer to do that request/requests).

Though you can also send an offer to a buyer if they ever contact you asking for a quote on a particular job after you’ve created a gig or gigs. Though don’t send offers directly to buyers unless they contact you asking for a price for a particular job.


thanks. I’ll look in to that.


Background removal in Photoshop - TOO COMPETITIVE
As uk1000 said, there are way to many sellers offering it and you won’t make much money because the average price for this service is $5.

Translation from English to Dutch - NO MARKET
There’s not enough market for this language. There are less than 50 sellers offering it and the market is taken by a few offering it for $5/500 words within 24 hours.

Motion graphics in After Affects - MAYBE
It really depends how good you really are :slight_smile:
There are plenty of sellers who take templates and modify them to match their client’s needs. There’s definitely a market for it because an average Joe doesn’t know how to even modify a template and most of them don’t even have After Affects to begin with.
Or, if you can create something from scratch even better. You might be even sell those templates on various template markets.

Do a search on Fiverr, pick out a few level 2 sellers and compare their portfolio with yours. If you can match their skill then most likely you have a chance here. If not, but you’re passionate about it then take a course and create your portfolio.


Thanks that’s is definitely a tough one. I don’t see myself as the best one, But definitely not bad either.
It would be a tough challenge but I’m willing to take a shot at it. If I’d start working with templates I would want to design my own templates from scratch. But I’d probably take more pride into working with completely different designs. I noticed competition is fierce, I’m actually quite intimidated by it.