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Building my Fiverr audience


Hi there! :smiley:

I’m new on Fiverr and I would like to know how to really attract buyers.
I offer Proofreading, editing and creative writting services: , but I do not have any idea on how to market my Gigs. Can you please help me?

Thank you very much! :wink:


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Hi, @uxreview ! :smiley:

Thank you very much for sharing, I bet this will help me a lot!

@stepha07 :wink:


Hello Stepha07:

I have 2 Suggestions.

Rewrite your profile text from this I will turn your content into a masterpiece! to something more professionally descriptive. As it is, it does not adequately describe your skills. The word masterpiece as you’ve used it here could sound idealistic or inexperienced and turn off buyers.

Remove or replace this phrase I’m so eager to work with you guys. While it is popular slang, You guys is not a courteous way to address potential clients. Also, there’s nothing wrong with being eager to work with buyers, but you shouldn’t sound like a novice, even if you are. You can choose words that show that you are purposeful, but reserved and professional.

Here are helpful links at Fiverr:

This one is very recent:

I hope you have great success here. See you around!


Hi @acdesignstudio ! :smile:

Thank you very much for sharing your experience!

Thank you,
@stepha07 !


I use social media to promote my gigs and work on fiverr.

Almost 15 000 followers twitter/instagram/pinterest/tumblr


btw i spend almost 2 hours daily on promoting my gigs… :smiley:


Hi thanks @skydesigner ! :smile:

The problem is that I don’t have a big audience on social medias…


Hard work pays off! :wink: @skydesigner !


Post you gig link in various social media.


hi, you are right. Thank you for your valuable advice.


Thank you @m_r_babugtcp :slight_smile:


i start building audience on social media 1 year ago… So you must start from something.


Hello, okay thank you very much! :smile:


there is an equation to get orders

  • make a search on google related with your niche
  • use google trend
  • Find the right time to share


Hi @benyouni, thank you for sharing this tip! :smile:


You are really awesome @uxreview . I thought we get most orders from social media marketing.

How they get order? Is it depends on just Fiverr rank?


@uxreview is pretty awesome! however, he did not make the statements you quoted. Our own dear, not seen much lately moderator, @eoinfinnegan posted that thread. It is a very enlightening read. If you follow the link and read the article you will learn much about marketing.


The creation of knowledge is nothing without people who are willing to share it!

Yeah, it has been a really busy period between work, family and a relationship :shushing_face:.
I’ll be back soon I am sure.


Share your gig in various social media in my opinion :slight_smile: