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Building up new fiverr account to retire current one?

When I first created my fiverr account, I didn’t think about a proper name for my fiverr page that kinda helps the gigs stand out, my current username is likes4all, which of course would make some people think that I’m selling instagram or twitter likes, even though my page is strictly for art related gigs.

So my question is, will it be okay for me to temporarily open a new fiverr account with a much better username for my gigs, or do you think it’s a waste of time at this point?

But yeah, just to clarify, I have this belief that the whole relevant username thing actually makes sense in fiverr’s case, which is why I’m curious about switching to a new one, to use as my new main page.

Sorry for the weird thread, I won’t make a habit of it, don’t worry. :stuck_out_tongue:

(By the way this is my only account, I don’t have another one open.)

I pay no attention at all to a username and feel that it is not important.
I have hired a great designer repeatedly but cannot remember his name and have to check my things I have purchased each time I want to find him.

No do not open another account. Your username is fine.

I believe you’re placing too much emphasis on your fiverr name. If you look through many of the top sellers, they have nothing indicating what they provide in their name. Typically, it’s peoples actual OR Pseudonym.

What I’m trying to say is that, the reason these top sellers are having great success is mixture of hardwork, great communication and consistently delivering a great product and experience (among other things). If you believe that changing your name is the only thing keeping you from top seller ranking, I think you might just be fooling yourself.

Just my two cents…


I just had this mindset that unless your username matches the service you’re offering, then your gigs might get more attention since the username kinda already exposed your account.

But if it’s a dumb idea I’ll just hold off on it until I can think of something better for my fiverr page. I haven’t had an order in over a month & I’m not sure if that’s due to the username or the fact that I’ve just been getting picky buyers who keep requesting impossible things for their orders.

But I’m pretty sure it’s just me being unlucky, by choosing certain orders that are just too much for me ( insert pun here ) half the time, so I guess as far as the gigs go, I’ll probably just get an order when the service is required? Not sure.

Picky buyers is kind of relative. Here’s the great thing about Fiverr, you control who you work with. Meaning, at times I’ll just take a gig for a lower price then I would naturally ask because I really believe in the project. The script is clean (grammatically correct), the buyer is pleasant, the buyer offers to send me the finished copy so I can help promote, etc.

But, saying you’ve not gotten a gig in over a month I think it’s maybe being too picky. I’m sure you could have taken a few, which helps generate more reviews, in turn might uncover a partnership, etc.

So rather than looking at a sale as a single purchase (micro), look at it as the start of a relationship (macro).

I hope this feedback is helpful. I wish you the best!