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💡 DO NOT want to see UNWANTED Posts/Categories? Instructions here (How to MUTE)


So one of the many new features of the Forum is the ability to “Mute” Posts/Categories.

The following is the instruction on how to “MUTE” an entire Category.

=> From Home Page Click on the desired “Category” you would like to NOT see on “Latest Posts”

=> Click on the Drop Down menu to the right of the green “New Topic” button.
==>Then click “Mute”.

Now you wont get any notifications or view any future threads from the category altogether.

*Simply select a different option if you wish to start watching the category again

I'm too confused with this new forum
Lost in the sea of text
What's everyone's thoughts on life?

Any reason for highlighting that particular category? But yes, a fabulous tool that has pretty much blocked 100s of meksell posts from my life forever. :heart:


Except when they post them all over the forum, but that’s what flagging is for. Applied as often as needed.


Oh NO particular reason… It was an arbitrary choice… :roll_eyes:

whistles in the air



For some reason, I’m looking at the parrot and thinking that you have really short and stubby legs… lol :joy:


@djgodknows I might, you know.




You guys are doing great with flags and we are learning to work with them. Absolutely flag liberally on real problem posts. I want to give a heads up on flags but note that this is based on the forum vendor defaults. I can’t be sure yet how they are set here. Based on that, do take care that flags are applied for a good reason.

Being flagged or flagging others impacts your trust “score” on the forum. So, it gains you trust if you flag correctly. It can lower your score (small amounts at a time) if you flag incorrectly (I.e. flag someone for spam because you just disagree with the opinion) or if you get yourself flagged for good reason (I.e. posting spam or inappropriate NSFW images, etc.)

Just a heads up to help everyone level on the forums and get access to more features and private forums!)



Thank you very much



Oh thank you for posting this.
It is somewhat of an old post but I am also thankful for the person that resurrected it.

What a sweet little gem, muting categories.


@steixeira It’s lovely, isn’t it? The post is pinned so it will stay in the top section even without replies. :slight_smile:


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