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💡 Guide: Get your First Order


yeah I will @stdwares


Woah!! it works, Thanks


Welcome @akilaidunil :slight_smile: Hope these tips reach to more New Sellers on Fiverr and help them as well.

:bulb: God Bless!


Thank you for the important tips. :relieved:


Scan through the Buyer’s Request page every now and then. This is where the Mobile App comes handy. Apply on the job requests posted which you think you can do with highest quality and as per Buyer’s requirements. You can apply on 10 such requests in a day.

How do i do this?


I wrote up some information on the Buyer Request feature, it includes links to the fiverr page on Buyer Requests too, maybe this will help you:

Some requests get a lot of offers, so, as many sellers who reply to BRs send generic offers, make sure you read the request you reply to very thoroughly and send an offer that shows the buyer that you did read and understand what they want, that could make them choose your offer among others.


Thank you so much @miiila
But as i see it sellers are posting most of the requests,I don’t get this! Its for the buyers to post and sellers to offer right?


Yes, that´s right, some sellers don´t understand the system apparently.


Yep, that’s the problem :disappointed:


Thanks for your help…


You are welcome, Guys :slight_smile: Do come back and share your success when you are ready!



This is just awesome!! Thanks for sharing it here. I would have never known, otherwise :slight_smile:

:bulb: Maitri


That’s very useful information. I’m also new here from few days ago and this helps me, Thank you!
But i have a question… is there any other way here on fiverr to promote or get to know your gigs besides the Buyer Requests option?


On fiverr itself the only options are to try and make your gigs attractive enough that buyers who browse categories or use search will order, and Buyer Requests.

On the forum here there is 1 category where you may post your gigs or specials etc.: ‘My Fiverr Gigs’.

Else you can advertise your gigs in social media, blogs etc. if you use/have any.


You are new, and hence I guess you are getting confused with how works as opposed to other marketplaces. I completely understand and it is fine to ask questions here as well.

Firstly, what exactly did you mean or understand by the word Gig?

It is what you sell!

A gig is nothing but a service, that we provide to the buyer.

I would suggest, @maurostrange to go to the Fiverr Academy to learn more about Fiver and gigs and how they work. There is no shame in asking this question. You are new, of course you can ask. But, you should first read every thing you can regarding Fiverr. Please use the links in the original post.You will know not only about it, but may also learn about other things on Fiverr. It is awesome!!

Please ask if you need any further help!


That’s okay. Thank you for your help! :smiley:


Yes I am ready for shere



Please do…

I’m so happy for your success!! :slight_smile: :wink:

:bulb: Maitri


You are one lucky person to have something like that happen. Most have to wait for months to have that. It is a good…the best feeling to know that it was not in vain.


Thank you for the tips