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💡 Guide: Get your First Order

Are you new to Fiverr?
Are you desperately willing to start off?
Are you still waiting for your first Gig Order?

You are at the right place. This post should help you immensely, I am sure.

Not to dishearten you, but to give you a heads up, let me tell you the truth. Getting started here and getting the first order is not that easy. It is not that simple. But if you are dedicated and passionate about selling your services here and make some money, it is very much possible. I will tell you what to do to start off. This will really Help You! Follow these and you will be happy one day - very soon!

First thing is to make a portfolio. Do you have it already? List your skills and write about them in a Notepad/Word document and keep that handy. Write what you know and what you can do with these skills. You will need it when you make Gigs.

  1. Go to Fiverr Academy and read through the various topics, systematically.
  2. Go to Fiverr Blogs and read various articles that people write there. These will be very helpful for anyone - old or new.
  3. Read posts in the Fiverr Forum and ask questions if you have.

INSTALL MOBILE APP - very important thing to do. It keeps you connected on the go, when you move away from the computer.

Along with the above, start building Gigs.
Make additional Gig Accessories - photo, video, PDF portfolio etc.
Share your gigs online on various Social Media.

Make Multiple Gigs separately for each of your skills. Make multiple gigs on your Best Skill and make them look different in their content and accessories.

Most Important Thing To Do: Scan through the Buyer’s Request page every now and then. This is where the Mobile App comes handy. Apply on the job requests posted which you think you can do with highest quality and as per Buyer’s requirements. You can apply on 10 such requests in a day. Trust me, 10 is a huge number if you restrict yourself to the best quality offering.

Do these things everyday religiously. Repeatedly. I am sure you will land on your first order soon. You have to be patient at this point in time. When some get their first order on Day 1 itself, others need to wait for months. But if you are dedicated enough and Really Want to work here, you will get that eluding first order very very soon!

All the best :slight_smile:
Let’s Learn & Grow Together!

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thanks a bunch for the important tip. However, I wish to know how to work around the buyer request page to get real buyer request. How do I mean? The major requests I always came across were that of the sellers like myself. At a point, I felt frustrated and abandoned the page. Is there anything fundamentally wrong with my fiver account set up? Is it even allowed that sellers could post on buyer request page?


Don’t worry my friend. There’s no problem with your Gig.

There are many sellers (mostly new ones) who post requests in there, which is not allowed. If these are caught, their profiles may be shut down. Do not worry about those. Concentrate on the posts that are from Buyers and apply. This is a VERY GOOD WAY of earning your first few reviews.

Go ahead and use the 10 offers you have every day. Keep your pricing satisfactory to the clients. Write in good English. Write to help them and earn their smile. You will surely strike gold soon.

All the best, my friend! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for this useful piece of information.


You are welcome! Hope this helps. This post is ONLY Targeted towards helping the new ones, who are wondering where to start and how. I am sure it will be useful if followed correctly.


Thanks for your valuable tips :smiley:


You are welcome :slight_smile:

I am happy that it is helping people.


Nice tips! very helpful for newbies :slight_smile:


Thank You :slight_smile: All the best!!


Thnks for your tips.


When it comes to Buyer Requests, the OP has a very good point. Buyer Requests has some problems and sellers notice that other sellers break the rules by posting in Buyer Requests. However, I encourage everyone to listen to this advice by the OP:

Even if you have to scroll through and ignore the sellers, there ARE buyers posting in Buyer Requests in popular categories. You need to become a heat-seeking missile looking for those buyers and ignore the seller gnats! :wink: I see far too many new sellers busy complaining when they could be crafting their 10 offers to buyers in that time.

Even if a real buyer request already has 20 bids on it, that doesn’t mean those are high quality. YOURS might be the one that wins the job if you write it well and craft your offer as a sales pitch that you can fulfill.


I post my gig about 10 months ago.
But nobody buy my gig.
Please help.


These are valuable tips. Can’t wait to start getting gigs. A late starter but I hope to grow quickly.


I was lucky to get my first order on the first day I joined fiverr,

The buyer was satisfied but didn’t leave a review which is something I really need as a new seller.

I didn’t beg for the review though, but since then no other sale :pensive:


Am with you! I got confused when I opened my buyer request page. I found they were other people’s gigs!! I was wondering if something is wrong.


Awesome @fonthaunt - very well said.

Thanks for the appreciation. :slight_smile: I liked the last sentence in your comment. This is important for the new people to know that only that bid wins which is of the highest quality. Here the volume of bids won’t matter. Even if you see lot of bids, go for it. Make your bid special. How to? Well, that’s a vast topic and have been discussed a lot in the forums. Go through the academy to start with. You will know how to bid best and go up the ladder, even if you are a new guy.

All the best!!


Please do not lose heart! Keep at it.

Use the Buyer’s Request page effectively. Read more on how to bid in the Academy!

Same thing I will suggest to @nifahad as well.

All the best, friends :slight_smile:


Hope this will Also Help tips for newbies


I thank you immensely for this useful piece of information.