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Bulk e-mail Sending

Hello there,

Is there anyone from here, who are able to send millions of bulk e-mail . all E-mail will go to millions of e-mail account and with same format . Its for A product marketing ,
I dont want any p-aid services like MailChimp, I need free services. Or, If you Have any idea about any software,

I need to learn. May You please able to help me to learn .



lol. You’re gonna have a bad time with this.

I know, some free software but they are not working properly . So I need to find out which one will work .

If you start sending volumes of spam from your email account you can get blocked from using email. Spam is not legal unless you have it approved by the one who receives it. If you find anyone who says they can send one million spam emails they will be dishonest.


Are you going to create a new gig?

No, I am not going to create . I need to know on behalf of my client .