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Bulk rates


I’m all for big ideas and campaigns to get the word out. But when someone comes to me for a price quote on a huge project, and then asks if I’ll accept 20% of my bid because “it’s a bulk order” I just want to tear my hair out!

"If I promise to pay you virtually nothing, but order a LOT, that’s fair, right??"

Once and for all, here’s the answer–No, no, no. I will not do [insert huge amount of work] at an 80% or 60% or 50% discount off my FIVERR price. I’ll give you MAYBE a 10% discount on a project IF you order it all right now.

And don’t even get me started on the “This is just a test, so I don’t want to pay full price. If you do good, I’ll order a lot in the future” people.


I hate that too. What people don’t seem to realise is that $5 per unit gig is most likely already a huge discount. Or maybe they do know that, they just don’t care because it might save them a little bit of money. I hate that too.

I’ve lost people who’ve planned on ordering gigs from me covering up towards 3000 words just because I didn’t want to give them a discount - but hell, just the fact that I offer 300/$5 means a cut of two thirds off what I consider to be a reasonable price! One such order asked if I’d do it for half the price. I obviously said no.

I’m generally happy to be rid of these people, because if you go along with it once, they are going to expect you to go along with it EVERY SINGLE TIME and chances are, they are also going to try and cut it down even more. “But, I’ve ordered from you so much, I’m a valuable customer etc etc”.

No thank you.


I definitely know how you feel. When people ask me for a discount, I make it clear that they are already getting a discount and I can’t lower the prices any more. Some are fine with it but one or two blow a gasket.


Whilst we are supposed to be professional with people, when I get asked for discounts or what the price is I cannot resist a little sarcasm such as “Dunno? $5” or “The give away about the price is in the name of the site”. This usually kills off the time wasters. Try it, trust me you will find it most relaxing.


Reply to @bachas85:

LOL. I have the same guy.

I’ve had a whole bunch of them lately. Thus the post here. :wink:


Speaking of which, why shouldn’t we be making six figures?


Reply to @bachas85: I got that same message! He was SO rude and said how he was surprised we can afford to turn him down. Pshhh no way would I want to work for someone who doesn’t respect how much I charge, especially because it’s already so cheap. I told him good luck finding someone quality here who will work for pennies like that


It’s funny that I commented about this here yesterday, because at that point it hadn’t happened in a while - but this morning I got someone who wanted a bulk rate on 20 000 words! I gave them the package deal I’d consider (adding in the gig extra that would cover the edits I would need to do) and explained that it was already heavily discounted. We shall see if they even bother replying, as many others don’t.


Reply to @alliemadison12: I think that’s a big problem - some people do the work for pennies, but then don’t do a good job, or at least not as good a job as they would if they’d been paid more for it. But it’s something that buyers don’t really see - they only see that it’s cheaper, but then complain when the quality isn’t up to their standards (of course, many buyers still complain even when the quality is good). Good for you on your reply to him!


This happens a lot to me. The last buyer who did that, placed a multiple order of 8 gigs. In the order page he wrote the following:

"I paid for 8 gigs = $40. I hope we can do a deal 8 gigs for 10 urls. I have over 300 sites that I look after for SEO. So if you do a good job, I will send more work. Thanks, see attached for the first 10 urls."

I just delivered the order and included the following message:


Thank you very much for your order. :slight_smile:

NOTE: Sorry but I can NOT accept the deal of 10 orders for 8. This is because it is not profitable for me in that way. I only get $3.92 after Fiverr takes it’s share. My service is already very cheap. So I can not make discounts. Sorry.

I hope you understand. :slight_smile: "

The buyer understood and is now a regular buyer (he orders at least 16 gigs per week at the normal price).

So, we just have to let them know how things work here on Fiverr. Most of the time buyers are nice. :wink:


The thing that gets me are the ones who ask for a sample of my writing before they will consider ordering from me.

I tell them "sorry, I am a professional Certified Technical Writer and I don’t do samples. I treat each Fiverr project with the utmost confidentialty and will not use my buyer’s projects as samples. Please check the comments from my satisfied buyers."

They usually do then order from me, but the odd one goes onto someone else. It just boggles my mind how much buyers expect for $5.


Reply to @s_sayan: Saved your gig, looks pretty solid and may try it out :slight_smile:


Reply to @s_sayan: That is incredibly frustrating though, when they ask after they’ve already bought the gig if you’re ok with this or ok with that. I think they either don’t realise they can contact you first (or are too lazy?) or they figure you’d be more likely to go along with it if it might otherwise lead to a bigger headache (like a cancellation). Good for you!


Reply to @est1990: You are welcome anytime you wish. :slight_smile:

Reply to @marsch001: Yes, this is not my first time. It happens all the time.

Also, some buyers order your gig, and then start asking questions that they should have asked before they ordered the gig. That’s a potential cancellation right away.


I had to add an extra thing to my ‘gig instructions’ as so many people were asking for extra articles to be added to the gig AFTER ordering…I would constantly get “I ordered $40 so I should get extra for a bulk order”. If they do this I attach a screenshot of a guy that orders $100 x 20 at a time (I don’t show his name) and say if this guy orders this much and doesn’t want a discount then I know I am good enough to earn the full price. I then offer to cancel if they don’t believe in the value of it.