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I have ONE negative review and I get all of my ADD ON GIGS removed? That’s the key to making real money on FIVERR. When I’m not making money, FIVERR isn’t making money.

A client bought a GIG for ONE-HOUR of Wordpress work. After several messages back and forth and putting in SEVERAL HOURS of work, the gig has become useless to me, because the client wasn’t happy. The client was running a FREE theme that would not provide Admin any Support unless a purchase was made, there were Themes that were out dated and when I attempted to update them, they were downloading to MY MACHINE, and when I stopped the download, my computer locked up and took an hour to restart once I removed the program that was being installed.

His site was a COPY & PASTE CODE that was pulling content from other sources that HE HIMSELF did not understand.

For example, his “PRODUCT” page did not have any content on his Wordpress Dashboard and there was no PRODUCT page within the theme he was using, but there was content on the PRODUCT PAGE of his site. He couldn’t tell me how the information was getting posted there.

Since we were looking at a long term working relationship, I designed him a new site that had all of his content and goal in mind which I did to show him that he didn’t need the FREE THEME he was using that would not offer support, yet I’M the one punished on FIVERR.

Going above and beyond like I do for all of my clients, yet I’m getting punished.

What a load of crap!!


Even MORE B.S!!!

I received a message from Fiverr tonight that the client received a full refund AND he gets to keep the work that I did for him. Oh, and his negative review is still on my gig.

I sent them a reply on my cancellation/refund notice with all of the notes from the 60-minute job that was purchased.


Why does it say he gets a full refund? :slight_smile:


If you want to offer “extras” on the gig again, get your rating up to over 95% (I think? Or maybe it’s 90%…)

Anyway, get it back up through positive reviews. You can offer order extras, but you have to back to the pre-level 1 old school way of buyers purchasing multiple gigs rather than clicking a button for extras.

OR… is it all possible to make amends with the buyer and maybe refund him to get your high rating back? I know it’s really hard to kind of suck up to buyers even when they’re in the wrong, but if you want to get your ratings up… ya gotta do what ya gotta do.


Oh wow… now that’s a nightmare. This is a perfect example of why I don’t offer too many of my services on here… Especially with this system in place. Can’t believe he gets a refund AND the comment stays…

Just out of curiosity, did you review / check the back end work before you even started to see if it was something that could be completed within 1 hr?


I supplied him with a list of work that was on his list that could be done within the hour but the other items would need more information on his end.

After several e-mail exchanges, that included my notes to Fiverr, they pulled the negative comment.


Reply to @ryangillam: He was refunded his purchase: The $5.00 gig plus the extra gigs and he get’s to keep the work that I did for him.