"Bulling" What should i do about my experience with this seller?


I am a seller on fiverr for about 6 months. And i had an normal order and i’ve complet it and i received my money. After some time the buyer told me i have a mental illness. And she requested a refund but i’ve done what she said me to do. What should i do?
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I can assure you that statement was uncalled for.

Report the buyer to CS. Take screenshots as well to back your story.


Write back and say, “and I have your money as well.” Never refund for bullies.


That’s not a reason to request a refund and it’s inappropriate. Tell her no, you completed the job and you will not agree to give her a refund. Then refuse to have any further communication with her and don’t respond to her again.

No one is obligated to respond to abuse.