Burning question for sellers with "Niche" gigs


Niche gig ?
Like most new sellers I quickly realized that my charm and raw talent are not enough alone to have clients flooding me with sales :wink:
Lots of marketing and social media placement and quality work is a way to drive traffic to your gig etc.
Several times it’s been suggested that having a niche gig is were success lives on Fiverr. So after a month on here it would seem that I have found that niche for my next gig, but there are two big oxymoron’s for me.-
“Niche” would indicate having a gig that caters to a smaller market. Does having a unique gig build a religious following by word of mouth or will I be marketing myself 3x’s harder? If i so why not just do this with my non-niche gig would the results not be the same? Unique gigs seem to combine categories making them niche. But Fiverr forbids duplicating gigs in separate categories in any way. so that kills doubling your audience right there. With the lack of forum posts with the word “niche” I can only assume unique gigs are unicorns in the first place. How does a unique gig get clients flocking, if there not looking for your unique service in the first place?

Thanks for any input.


niche gigs work because they make you easier to find in search, by people looking for services in that niche.

Generic gigs are plentiful and blend together, and even if some people search through those generic “one-size-fits-all” gigs, many people search for someone who performs a service for a specialized audience.

in brief: its easier for your gig to stand out when certain search terms pull up fewer gigs than “all of them”


Thank you daviddoer

I was hoping the answer was that simple. Now I just need to figure out how to promote my apples and oranges in both apple and orange categories.


wait what? I don’t understand


lol sorry
It was a hypothetical obviously I don’t want 100 others posting my niche idea before Iv’e even posted mine. Then I could never claim to be the first :wink:
My niche idea would be 2 categories combined as 1 . Technically no matter how I dressed my gigs offering this unique service in both places is against Fiverrs TOS. I doubt a client would be looking only in my primary category for both.

Some people don’t use search they click through the categories