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Business card

What is the use of business cards.?

For face to face business.

To shape white lines :slight_smile: - OK bad joke.

celticmoon is right, it is primarily for people preferring face-to-face communications. It is like a tradition, you find an interesting person, and you exchange contacts on a piece of carton (think of it as of something tangible). You don’t waste time typing name quickly to you phone, asking how to spell family name, or what is the name of company and how to write an e-mail… with card you get everything at once. I always carry 3-4 cards with me.

Reply to @kornilov:

kornilov said: I always carry 3-4 cards with me.
Me, too. And they have generated local sales for me, after they browsed through my Fiverr gigs, but in at least one case, the person I gave my card to sent the information to a non-local friend who then contacted me here and made a purchase. When he wrote the first time, he told me how he had found me! So maybe it's not a large percent of sales, but a sale is a sale, right?

Friends thanx for your nice comments on business card.

Reply to @celticmoon: sale is a sale - right!

As I mentioned before, visit cards are physical, they cost you something to make them, unlike sms or email, thus they can be considered more valuable :slight_smile:

Plus some psychology and communication tactics are involved in the process of exchange.