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Business Dropping. Help or advise?


I’m wondering why my impressions, gig views, and gig clicks have dropped very drastically. I started out on Fiverr about a month ago. In the first couple of days my impressions soared to 100k. After a week, my planned vacation was coming up. I was about to turn on vacation mode when someone ordered my gig (Photo Editing). I waited 8 hours and the buyer had not submitted their photos. I ended up cancelling the order, because I could not have edited the photos if they had submitted them any later. I turned on vacation mode after that. When I got back, I noticed the buyer had agreed with the cancellation. The next week, I noticed my impressions dropping. I thought it was because of my vacation, so I didn’t worry about it. I thought it would return back to the previous number. They continued to drop. I got an order a couple of days later. I delivered the product and the buyer was unsatisfied and posted a 3.5 star review amidst 6 5 star reviews. I offered to revise my product or cancel the order. The buyer agreed to revisions. I delivered the edits, but the buyer had cancelled the order.

What caused my drop in impressions, gig views, and gig clicks? My first cancellation, my vacation, my bad review and cancellation, or everything altogether? I would really like to pop back up in my statistics. Any help would be graciously accepted.



It’s August.

In Greece, everyone goes to a nice beach. In France, everyone goes to a nice beach. It’s too hot to work.

Maybe someone in the southern hemisphere can help me out here, but I think the effect is less marked in say AUS/NZ. Christmas and other “busy” periods so far as sales are concerned are unaffected by weather.

You’ve been here one month. Patience. It’s the silly season, and you joined just before it peaked. Bad buyers are an unfortunate feature of Fiverr (as are sellers!) Sounds like shitty reviewer was a model of a bad buyer, and without looking at your profile, probably screwed your nascent career here.

Looking at your profile, you have 5 stars and 8 reviews. Stick at it. Christmas is coming, after all. Ditch the student reference in your profile and focus on how pro you are at editing etc, and maybe add some other gigs.

Above all, try not to stress out about the vagaries of the system! I usually fail at this point so ya know. But do try :slight_smile:

I agree about the ebb and flow in general. I imagine, though, a lot of Fiverr sellers can’t afford a beach (or other) vacation so they get panicky about low sales.

Unfortunately Fiverr is not something you can count on month to month. You’ve got to have a backup plan for those slow times, whether is is a savings, another job. temp work, another site - whatever you have to do for yourself and your family.

As you can see an fiverr is getting less and less traffic and most of the traffic is from India, I’ve never had a bad period as this in 2 years of fiverr!

Wow I hope it picks up soon.

Reply to @emmaki: Thank you for your advice. I can’t even add a smiley icon. I’m still figuring out how everything works.


Reply to @fonthaunt: Thank you too fonthaunt. As emmaki noted, I am a student… and I don’t mean College or University. I don’t have to pay bills yet :slight_smile: Though, your advice was good. Maybe I’ll use it soon.

Reply to @julipalmer7: Thanks julipalmer7.