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Business has died

In have been a top seller in Fiverr for nearly 6 years in voice over. My business has completely died. Have gotten just a small amount of orders over the past couple of weeks. My search ranking has dropped tremendously. I want to know if you have experienced this as well. I am constantly updating my profile to no avail. Just cannot understand why this has been happening. This has by far been my worst year


I m also experiencing he same situation like yours. I have joined fiverr in 2012. I used to get 5-6 orders & around 15 new message daily but now there is deep silence in my profile no new orders and messages. I couldn’t decide what to do. I only want to know is this the permanent issue or for just some time.


I do not know how after 6 years I can go from a fairly profitable business to nothing. After January business has never been the same. I hope this will change

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Yes; Fiverr is evolving that I can say for sure and things are changing… and if their backend system got new update or what ever the case is; the “BUSINESS IS DEAD” or it could be due to new category PRO.
Anyway, best way to survive is to adopt and change your strategies accordingly.


i disagree with everyone that fiverr is just need to study this platfrom in and out


What should I be looking at in order to increase business again?

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The thing is, I have been very busy lately, but still wasnt ever at a stage of 15 messages a day!

The whole time that you guys have been getting tons of sales, there have been thousands of others struggling to do so, trying different things etc. I am one of those. I have been here for almost 2 years and it is only relatively recently that I have got a steady stream of new clients.
I used to spend hours working on BRs, promotion, low cost samples, etc.
For the vast majority of people on Fiverr, it isn’t and never will be a place where they get most of their income or even close to it. It isn’t a place where they just log in and can get started on their work. For most people, getting an order every other day would be great. As I see it, getting to the stage where one can have a full time income through Fiverr sales takes a lot of work aside from actual orders.

Last month was my best ever on Fiverr, yesterday I surpassed that. It has taken a lot of unpaid work to get to that stage, developing gigs that I believe people need and offering my skills in a way that is attractive and also gives the possibility for repeat business.

Back when there was an algorithm change and a deluge of posts like yours, I focused on making my business better, not on whining about lack of sales (not speaking about you here, check out posts from the last few months tho!). I also advised others to do the same and to help people in that, given that working with small businesses is what I do, I wrote a series of posts to help people to do it.
You can find all the posts by searching for UPYOUR in the forum search bar or by clicking the link below. Hope it helps.
This is the first one of the series: