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I am new in fiverr. I am very happy I get 2 orders in 1 weak. My buyers are satisfy in my work and they give me 5 star review. I am also so happy Because i satisfy them from my work. I wish and hope that I get regular orders.


That’s Great.

You should be happy and remember that happy experience. But don’t be the happiest. Keep hungry for new one and success. Wish you all the best.


Thank you so much for your reply


Aww, dear, it’s so wonderful to see you. You’re such a dear to be on dear old Fiverr. Even the local deer think you’re a dear. Oh, dear, maybe I’ve said too much. Dear me, I think I have.

Welcome to Fiverr, dear.


We are all very happy for you.

I want to take this time to say that here we do not use the term “dear” as most English speakers in the Western World find it offensive to call people you don’t know “dear” so please don’t use that word on this site.

I know it’s used in other countries but we all have talked about how much it bothers us when someone uses the word dear.


Hi dear
I don’t understand what are you trying to say. But thank you so much for your replay


I am sorry :frowning_face: . And thank you so much for your suggestion.


@aremon1997 Oh it’s ok, it was not a criticism of you. Just letting others know about this.

I understand that it is a different custom in some places.


Thank you understand me


Oh. “Replay”? You mean… you want me to say/type my comment again?

EDIT. For the record (since I don’t think you caught on to it the first time), I’m being sarcastic. Your inappropriate use of the word “dear” (which seems frustratingly common on certain parts of the world, but is NOT appropriate in business environments of the Western world), and your misspelled word “replay” (orginally, “reply”) were ripe for humor.

If you want to be taken seriously, please use proper English (and by all means, proof-read your post before you click “Save”). :wink:


@aremon1997 Try always



thank you:grinning::grinning:


@aremon1997 Thanks too