Business Plan experience


If you need a business plan I don’t suggest you use ************ ever. Both the draft and the final copy were completely unusable!! I thought maybe with some suggestions they would be able to correct it. Not a chance, the final copy was as bad as the draft in my opinion. Multiple grammar errors, misspellings, documentation, and information that we did not provide and had no relation to our business even remotely. COMPLETELY unacceptable. It was totally unusable !!! I was denied a refund and again, in my opinion, this seller is a total misrepresentation.

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Thank you to let us know, we will be careful. :slight_smile:


You are not actually allowed to mention seller account names on the forum. You need to edit your post and take out the username.


Please keep in mind that naming and shaming is forbidden by the forum rules.

If you can’t resolve your issue with your seller, you can always ask Customer Support for help.


Interestingly though, I don’t know why you would hire someone who lists their English language skill as “basic”


Why don’t you just leave an appropriate review?



I read this quite often on the forum. Did you take the time to read some of the threads on “Tips for Buyers” before you hired the seller in quedtion?

You’ve been on this platform for over two years. Have you made many purchases or are you an occasional buyer?


Obviously williamz902 is a seller! I don’t care if a seller list BASIC English skills they advertised a service that they were not able to provide after taking the money. As far as gina_riley2, I did read the feedback for the seller before purchase. Yes, I have been a member for two years and happy I just don’t like being scammed!.


And I’m not shaming anyone. Just reporting the TRUTH!


Have you spoken to Customer Service and asked for a refund?


Of course I am a seller… and I too, have bought absolute rubbish from Fiverr to the point where I now carefully screen sellers and ask for samples of previous work. I’ve said it many times, if you are buying an English writing gig from someone who can’t even speak English properly???

It’s no secret that anyone can join fiverr and advertise professionally while providing copyrighted junk.


Our post is now edited and good to go.