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Business plan scammers

We have hundreds of thousands of scammers here on Fiver with both Seller and Buyer accounts. They receive orders with their seller account and outsource with their buyer account. After a series of revisions, they demand cancellation. You don’t have options because if you refuse to cancel, be expecting poor reviews.

My experience.
Most of those scammers always charge below-average prices. The average price of the business plan in Fiver is $250 to $350.

The scammers will plead to order at $50 to $150.


  1. To pay small charges

2 When you win a dispute in Customercare, they will not lose their fund because they charge below average price.

Fiver IT department should develop a platform for the buyer to review the seller delivery before the softcopy delivery get to the buyers.

Fiver Private Policy
Fiver usually judges with the past record of the sellers. Most of these scammers’ record are their personal review records.

Together we can change the world.


And what evidence do you have to prove this? Assumptions are not evidence.

Just say no. It’s as easy as that. if your price is $250 to $350, then stand strong at that price. No one can scam you on a price unless you allow them to do so.

This is a terrible idea. A review is a response to a delivery. If an order has not been delivered, a buyer should not be able to post a “review”.

Again, you’re making assumptions. Assumptions are not evidence of fact.


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Okay, thanks you. I will not.

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