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Business Plans - With Free Extras

Hello, Fiverr-preneurs. Need a business plan? I’ve got you covered.

Please contact me before placing any order! Clients who do will be given $5 off.

Edit your business plan: ($105)

Are you finding that your current business plan is lagging behind, causing your company problems and allowing the competition to score miles ahead? Perhaps it is time for your business plan to be reevaluated and corrected. Together, we’ll source and nip out the underlying problems troubling your business.

Write your business plan: ($105)

Do you need an effectively written business plan? I will use all information provided by you to create an effective and cost-efficient business plan to start your business. SWOT, financials, and anything you request, added in for free.

Critique your current business plan: ($15)

Unsure about your current business plan? Let me take a look at it. I’ll critique it, and let you know how you can improve it.

Do you need a sales script or a grant presentation? Try my other gigs, available only on Fiverr.

All gigs come with a 5-star satisfaction or money back guarantee.

Repeat customers are offered free services, coupons and more.

Need edits even after the sale has closed? Those are unlimited and free.