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would someone tell me please
i have been seen many reviews, but no order yet.
how i could earn…

Your post is not a tip, so it needs to be moved to Improve my Gig. I’ll move it for you shortly if you don’t. There are already many posts on the topic you asked about. Here are some good posts:

I think you have a fake profile picture. I have seen that pic somewhere on the internet.

Hi there,
I’m not an expert logo designer, but I am in design so I can tell you this for sure.
Your sample images are not impressive, the image quality is low and grainy-looking,
plus “Hey, I can make logos for you” does not sound professional.
Your gig description needs a lot of editing too.
Unless you can get help with the gig description ( grammar etc) and also
use better sample images, it would be hard to get orders.

yes this is not a real pic
but does it matter?

yes this is not a real pic
but does it matter?

i will think about it :slight_smile:

The same problem like me.

sad situation