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Hello Everyone,

I own a full service printing business. We do mostly screen printing (t-shirt) but also promotional products and standard printing (brochures, business cards, etc). I have been using Fiverr off and on for years now and I wanted to start using it more regularly. I have been noticing watermarks on the designs i am receiving. I did some research and it seems as if this is a watermark added by fiverr. A couple of questions…what are you guys doing as sellers to accommodate businesses who need to forward these design proofs to their customers for review? I can’t send a design proof to my customer with a fiverr watermark on it. And as users, what are you doing to mitigate these issues? I read where they can be turned off under my gigs but I am not sure if that option is still available. Thanks

Hey there!

I don’t know if it will help, but if you click on the name of a gig in your selling -> gigs menu, you can activate or deactivate add watermark. I don’t deal in images so I don’t know how its effects look. Hope it helps!

Once the order is completed the watermark is removed. :wink:

I am not a seller. I am a buyer so I have no option to remover the watermark. I don’t need the watermark removed after the order is complete. I need to be able to send MY customers the proofs to determine which one they like and I can’t do that with a fiverr watermark on them.

Process - I go to fiverr, submit for a design, designer sends me a design, I then send that to my customer to see if they like the design. If so I complete the order. If not I have to go back to the designer on fiverr for modifications. Again I can’t send my customer the design with a fiverr watermark on the logo. Thanks

I think that Fiverr intended all buyers or the clients of buyers to make decisions based on the watermarked version. Since a buyer who is not purchasing on behalf of a client has to go that route, it wouldn’t be different for a buyer who is purchasing on behalf of a client. The watermark is not intended to obscure enough of an image/video to keep someone from deciding on it.

Since this is a norm, in the future you could look for sellers who don’t use the watermark system or make arrangements with a seller in advance so that you have a written agreement for a set of proofs sent via the inbox or something. You could also ask the current seller if they are willing to do that, but if it wasn’t arranged before, they have no obligation to do so.

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Copy that, thanks. I also work in the promotional products sector and we avoid any branding of the products. If I put fiverr on all of my designs then eventually a lot of my customers would just go directly to fiverr. Its just easier for me to do it as I know what I need to screen print based on the specific job.

You might be spawning a whole new idea for sellers. :slight_smile: If I were a graphic artist who had a lot of buyers like you alongside a lot of buyers who were fine with watermarks, I would use the situation to work for everyone. It would be pretty easy to create an extra that gave a commercial/reseller/broker buyer two things at once. Sellers could charge $5-10 or whatever percentage made sense to offer a commercial rights and special watermark-free preview for commercial buyers.

Buyers who didn’t need that could pay just a tad less and the seller would keep the assurance of the watermark to avoid theft. Buyers who were serious business people and didn’t mind a surcharge could get the upgrade. [Note to sellers - think about it - but don’t take advantage of good buyers by making the fee difference crazy!]

:slight_smile: Best of luck!

Copy that, thanks for the information!