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But after the final delivery. He created dispute and threatens me to cancel the order. What should I do?

I have done everything to the buyers revision and his final revision is to remove the shadow images which I have kept it. But after the final delivery. He created dispute and threatens me to cancel the order. What should I do?

Buyer: Everything looks perfect. Only thing i need you to remove is the ghost hands or whatever it is on the screen please

Me: ok sure !

Me: Hello, sir

Kindly find the attached animation

Yakpro :slight_smile:

Buyer: Not to be rude, but I just have a completely different idea on what i’d like in terms of quality for the Starting Soon. I appreciate the help, but just watching it and the way it looks leaves me unhappy with the result. I appreciate the help, but at the end of the day i’m looking for a little higher quality work done, it’s hard to explain what i’m looking for when you don’t really understand my English.

Me:Have you gone through the over all threads and your final revisions. If yes then its ok and I know you are gamer so be professional I am not a game to play with.If you want to keep your order then its ok I don’t mind but don’t blame to the work please !

Buyer: Yes i watched the final video and everything. And It’s just not what i am looking for, and it is hard to for me to explain what i am asking to be done, when we don’t speak the same language. I apologize for wasting your time.

Me: I have amended all the stuffs you requested for and you are stucked for cheap reason ! that doesn’t makes sense. All are clear in the threads . Please go through it once.

And more you didn’t sent me your recorded video but in yesterdays message, you said I am re sending it. Did I say anything? Though you hadn’t sent that. But seriously its a cheap reason to get profitable business. Please come with new and genuine reason ! Thanks

Buyer: Again. I wanted to be nice about it all. But if it’s going to be a hard time, i will have to go through customer support. After looking at the final product and the work done, it is not what i want in terms of quality. The effects, the transitions, the font, it’s not what i want for a Starting Screen. I am looking for higher quality work for my Stream and would rather take the $50 back and invest more into someone who can meet the quality i am looking for. I’m not cheating you out of free work, since i won’t be using this video in my streams. I looking over the thread and final video. I’m not paying $50 for something i am not happy with and not going to use. I appreciate you trying to help me out, but i don’t want to spend all this time trying to explain to you what i am looking for in terms of Quality and Work, when you don’t really understand what am i saying to you.

Me: First let me know honestly. Did I amended the things, you revised for? If Yes, then its perfect. If No then requested you to go to entire threads once.
And for Kind information, I am always kicked with the gamers you are not my first example. You are in list of my examples. Why all gamers are like this?

Please Help me !!!


This is not great - sorry you’ve experienced this.

The relevant TOS is this one:
“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.”

Politely point that out to your buyer - and to CS, who you should contact immediately!

General advice: Do not engage in personal attacks - that is a good reason for cancellation. I know the situation is frustrating, but name calling doesn’t help.


And for getting a warning - which is likely to happen if @yakpro’s buyer decides to contact support…

By the way… Happy birthday, Coerd! Hope you’re having a great day!!! :birthday: :partying_face: :tada: :confetti_ball: :hugs:


Thanks, @maitasun - so far, so much chocolate … Lol!


Thank you so much but I agreed and moved on ! Bad things are sign of goodness

Your English is great btw.
The buyer doesn’t understands that he/she is paying for your time too, you already spend time on his/hers order and it doesn’t matter if he/she is planning to use it or not.
I don’t want to comment on the fact that he/she is paying 50$ and expecting some super high quality work…


@tatjanamitevska I don’t understand how mindset are changed at the end . Its my second worse experience. Though heading towards next approach. I agreed and made his night.

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To be honest I could barely understand what OP was trying to say :thinking: some of his sentences doesn’t make sense at all so I do feel for a client that it was difficult to communicate with this seller.

This is quite bad, I’m sorry you had to go through all these.