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But you never said it would cost extra

Aww, bless ya.

All you have to do is read my profile and I can’t do that for you. Lordy, lordy, they do come in waves, don’t they?


They must. I take sympathy in knowing that the issues I am facing are not mine alone.

Unrelated, augh, I am jealous of your voice. One day I will be there. But until then, augh!

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Waves, tsunamis, swarms of killer bees…

That said, I would like to be a fly on the wall of some of the buyers whom message and order directly from me without paying any attention to my gig.

"So Phil, so Jenifer. You mistook a $15 copywriter on Fiverr, for someone who could file a patent with the U.S. patents office for you, with regard to your new bathroom safe electric kitchenware. - Let’s fast forward 6-months and see how life worked out for you budding entrepreneurs…"


I think it’s pretty much an epidemic!

Thanks for the compliment - I’m still a work in progress. I take it you’re a VO artist as well? :slight_smile:

I am! I only got my start two months ago, and it has been a steep, but entertaining learning curve. There are so many talented artists on Fiverr! It is good company to be around; I’ve picked up bits on the forums. :smiley:

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I discovered this guy on youtube recently and learnt a lot:

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Oh Jenifer, Oh Alison, Oh Phil, Oh Sue,
You gave me so many orders,
I completed this gig for you,
I completed this gig for you…