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Button 'submit offer' unclickable

form ’ Create a Custom Offer’ does not allow to create offer.
I can’t to create offer in reply on Custom Order Request.

May be for this reason cancellations are increase ?

I haven’t any cancels!!!


If the “submit offer” isn’t clickable, maybe it’s because the offer text isn’t filled in/displayed.

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That is what I thought too.


Try using Chrome if you haven’t already. If it still doesn’t work you could create a support ticket.

Chrome forever
I also noticed that I do not see the text of the order

I’m afraid they’ll explain to me the specifics of the Fiverr algorithm again.

If you describe the problem you’re having with creating an offer they’ll look into that. Attach screenshot(s) showing the problem (eg. the one you’ve attached in this thread).

If offers work normally for most other people and you’re using Chrome it might be something specific to your gig that’s making it do that. CS are the best people to look into it and they might contact the developers to fix it.

I’ve noticed that if I use the down arrow key to ‘select the most relevant’ gig, that whichever one is at the bottom of the list will not show, even when I reach it. I either have to cycle ‘up’, or manually scroll and click the right gig.

Anyway, it ends up looking a lot like your screenshot, with the textbox not visible.

I wonder if it’s a screen resolution thing, as my laptop display is small. I’ll have to check it out next time I catch a BR while working from my desktop. Or, maybe zooming out will show the textbox? Hmm…

Welp, got an opportunity to test the ‘zoom out’ hypothesis. Didn’t work, but I was able to capture the ‘text box missing’ which I got to by using the down arrow key.

a href="#" class=“btn-standard btn-green-grad js-fiverr-form-submit js-gtm-event-auto” data-gtm-category=“offers-popup” data-gtm-action=“click” data-gtm-label=“submit”>Submit Offer</a

Tag brackets had to be removed
This is what the element code looks like.
Not pressed.