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lol this post made me throw up my milk! UGH!

I will buy your fisrt gig lol.

Check your spellin’ bro.


Reply to @biancha: I really wish you hadn’t posted this, especially while I work through dinner. The original post is annoying, agreed, and just spam, but no need for a comment like this.


Reply to @fonthaunt: wishes never come true. If you agree this is spam then why bother when someone comes around and offers an opinion on the matter with a bit of comedy? Or do you really think this is an attack on this user ?

It even says " check your spellin’ bro" see? Im the only one who actually cares and wants him/she to fix the “fisrt” so he/she can get more sales. Just joshing , no need to tell me you are making dinner…any cookies bro?


Reply to @biancha: No, I don’t think the user will even see it. This person has been spamming for awhile and since the name changes, it may be a bot. I just got grossed out by your comment. That’s it. Ok, on this thread, I’m out. Nite!