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Buy giggs from each other


my and my brother can we buy giggs from each others ?


Yes, you can buy from each other’s accounts.


This type of activity is at risk of being construed as fraud (trading reviews effectively) and is frowned upon by Fiverr. If anyone suspects that you are buying each other’s gigs to trade reviews you could get a warning or an account suspension.


It is not advisable to do so, it’s against the regulations guiding fiverr. Most people do this just to trade reviews and such an act is wrong because it can easily mislead buyers.


Yes you can do so but it is refereed to as buying a one way ticket to hell


Hello !! welcome to Fiverr. No fraud activities are not allowed here :slight_smile: If you do exchange reviews/fake reviews Fiverr bot will notice it and both of these accounts which were involved in fraud activity will be permanently banned.


I guess the safest way to do so would be buying gigs from each other without leaving reviews. This way you make sure Fiverr knows that you really needed each others work and it’s not a review trade.


true @mariokluser , if they really needed work from each other


Pretty silly to ask a question about doing something unethical and against the TOS in a forum monitored by Fiverr personnel… seriously?.. you couldn’t figure out that would be wrong?.. I see a red flag coming your way!


Yeah, that’s not allowed :stuck_out_tongue: otherwise everyone could risk 20% of Fiverr fee for few good reviews…