Buy Google Adsense Clicks And Traffic


If you have your own website or blog - even if it’s free or paid, you can make money with Adsense.

What is it? It’s Google’s form of advertising where you get paid to put their advertisements up!

I’ve came up with a system that makes money from Adsense 100% legitimate source of income and it’s without doing much work at all! Just sending the traffic that way, writing up some content that has high paying keywords and BAM money in the bank.

So what do you have to do?

  1. Get a domain name/website - can even be Blogspot
  2. Find a keyword that is a high paying keyword on Google - do your research using Adwords Keyword Tool!! You are looking for keywords that have a minimum of $10 Cost per Click (CPC) which means that if someone clicks an advert that relates to that keyword you could potentially get $10 for one single click! Great ain’t it?

    3.Write Content that is 100% Unique and has the relevant keyword repeated 3-5% throughout your content!
  3. Monetize it with Google Adsense - you can apply for Google Adsense the long way, wait for 7 days to be approved, etc. or… you can even buy a Google Adsense Account directly on Fiverr!
  4. Get visitors! and Get Clicks!!
  5. Reach $100 and Get Paid!

    Number 5 is of course the tricky part and this is where I step in, and of course my system steps in too!

    I offer a Fiverr Gig that will help give you Clicks! My gig gives the most clicks on all of Fiverr.

    These are 100% Safe and can be seen by all my feedback from buyers and repeated customers

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    ***Be careful:
  • Google does NOT like you clicking on your own ads - this will get you banned!
  • Comply with all of Google’s Policies, e.g. Privacy Policy and Compensation Disclosure on your website!
  • Write Content that is 100% Unique and relevant to your keyword! Get a keyword density of around 3-5%!
  • Keep your Click Through Rate below 5%!! This is crucial!! Especially if you are just starting out!!! What this means is that for every 100 visitors to your site, if 1 visitor clicks you get a click through rate of 1%.
  • Content that is varied in length and not too short is always attractive!

    I hope this helps people to figure out another way to make money online as this method has definitely worked for me and I’m hoping to help others along the way

    Thanks everyone!


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