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Buy has hired me but doesn't know how to work it

A nice buyer selected me for a video product, we agreed on a price, he loves the product and now would like to pay me. What steps does he go through?

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Buyers are meant to buy gigs before any work is done.

It’s ok, you won’t get into trouble or anything. There’s just a risk that the buyer won’t actually pay now he has the goods.

Send him a custom offer for the work and he can make a payment for the necessary amount. Alternatively, he can just buy the relevant number of gigs to pay for the job.


Suggest you check out the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for information on how everything works from the perspective of both buyers and sellers.


Well he doesn’t have the goods. Just a small sample of the product. He just doesn’t know how to mark me as hired. What do I tell him?

Oh right. Cool.

You can send him a custom offer and he can pay. Or, he can go to your gig page and click order and pay that way.

Once he does either, you’re officially hired.


OK thanks. Last question is how do I send him a custom offer, that sounds like way in this case. : )

Perhaps this will help you:


Perhaps! I’ll check and thank you!

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Very nice! I have made a custom offer by creating a milestone of First Sample Approval for down payment showing commitment, and a milestone For Final Product for remainder of payment. Does that sound right?

Fiverr usually doesn’t use the milestone system. Usually, you’d just set out one payment with a set deadline to deliver the final order.

But I suppose you could use this if you’d prefer, though it’s usually more convenient to do the whole thing in one go.

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Fiverr introduced the milestone system a few months ago, but only for the projects that cost $100 or more.

Yes, but this user used two custom offers as milestones rather than using fiverr’s milestone system.

Yes I used two milestones in the milestone system, but one was for down payment, the other for completion of payment and yes it’s over $100.

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