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Buy Not Respond, Pause Time Clock?

I have a customer who placed an order. He’s been great to work with but I learned just the other day from the person who referred him to me that he has just gotten married, is on his honeymoon for the next two weeks, and won’t be anywhere near his phone. The timer on his order is running out and I was wondering if there was a way to pause the clock? I don’t want to cancel the order because that is a mark against me and because he’s been really great?

No way to pause but you could request a time extension within the resolution centre.

I’ve done this but haven’t gotten a response. Is there a way customer service can override it to give me more time?

How long is left on the order? Do you need anything from the buyer? You can deliver the work once complete, it is not your responsibility to make sure customers are available to receive your delivery.

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1 day on one and then 10 days on the other. I guess I could deliver them and then have him use one of his revisions when he responds. Thanks!

Have you completed the work? You can also send a message to tell the customer not to worry if it times out and you will honour any changes.

Yeah, I am done with it. I just needed his final, final approval. He liked the changes I made before he left. I just wanted to show him what everything looked like together.

I understand and been in that situation before, as long as you clearly explain the situation i am sure the customer will understand and if they knew any changes can still be made.

Thanks for the quick response and help ! I’ve never used this forum before. I’ve never had this happen before hahaha. I’ll deliver it and have him tell me if there is anything he wants edited after he gets back.


No need wonder about it. If you have got all work instructions, Complete the work and just deliver it on-time.
Also ensure to buyer that you will make all necessary changes if need.

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