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Buy now or add to cart paypal button in shopify

hello someone can help me out ??
i need to find where to put the code for the paypal button in shopify

Paypal may have an article on this subject but it’s not a fiverr subject.

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they dont tell you where to put the code in the shopify store i found the code already in paypal but dont know where to put it , i ve been looking for that for few hours nothing about that

Maybe shopify has an article on it?

Shopify help center does have an article on it if you do a google search:

Add more checkout buttons to the cart page
You can use the additional_checkout_buttons Liquid tag to display offsite gateway buttons, such as PayPal Express Checkout, on your cart page.

The buttons can appear on either your cart page or your checkout page, but not both. This means that if you use the tag on your cart page, the buttons won’t appear on your checkout page.

didnt find it yet hahaha thx for answering

Search on google for this:

where to put paypal button shopify

not this one i already have this one there is two buttons one where you can pay with different cards the other you have to have a paypal account … (the paypal checkout express) .

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i found it thx anyway

never give up @misscrystal

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I hope you figure it out. No, I can’t give up. Not yet anyway.

Since this thread is not about fiverr it may be removed soon.

you can do it manually buy adding buttons to each product and then modify the html code or activate the third-party providers thats what i need to know now ! good luck

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Nothing to do with fiverr