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Buy "Request Declined"

I’ve read about a dozen different posts about sellers using the Post Request to try and sell something. In my case I’m trying to buy, but the request was denied. Is there somewhere I can find succinct list of do’s and do not’s? I read through the terms of service and nothing in my request jumps out at me as being a problem. Here is the exact wording in the request:

“Regression Analysis (I think) in R. Want an example program to give the probability if a given word is equivalent to an expected word based on a list of previously given and identified words.”

Posted in: Programming & Tech > Data Analysis & Reports > R > Predictive Analytics

Time: 30 days

Budget: $0 (I didn’t put a budget because I don’t really know what a “fair” price for this would be, so I thought I just compare the offers…)

Can anyone give me an idea of wow this was declined? Or at least some direction on wording it differently so there isn’t an issue?

I am not sure why it was declined but honestly, I think it’s too complex for Buyer Requests. I think if it did go through you would get a dozen confused web developers and maybe a few random people begging for any order. I would say to go to the main Fiverr page, look for software developers or sellers under darts analysis and pick out some experienced one’s that seem to have strong communication skills. Message several, and explain your need as simply as possible.

See if any of them can do this or can give you a recommendation or referral to the right kind of gig or specific seller.