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Buy Requests - The Message Afterward

Quick vent session followed by a question about how my fellow Fiverr’s have gotten around this:

I’ve found it EXTREMELY annoying that after submitting several different gigs for several different buyer requests I get a message from one of those buyers saying “How long will it take you to do this?”. I’m not annoyed with the buyer at all, but I can’t find any information on the buyer request so I have no idea what their question is in reference to. I’ve lost buyers because when I ask them to describe their request again they are either impatient or think I’m clueless.

Has anyone else dealt with this? If so, how do we figure out who this person is and what their request was if we’re submitting many gigs to many people???

Help! :slight_smile:

  • Jason F.

I always write their request in full in my offer to them if it’s in Message so I can see the previous messages. If it’s in buyer requests then I ask them to give me more information on their needs so I can respond in full and I can then see which one it was. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Here is a post I made months ago about the same issues and yet Fiverr has done nothing to change it. In fact, now there is no inbox message at all and the buyer has to contact you first else there is no contact.