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Buy The ExtraFast For Fast Delivery


Buyers, If you need the work to be delivered as soon as possible, please discuss with your sellers and never push the sellers to do work way faster than he or she could as there are other commitments and orders that they need to focus on. If you need extrafast delivery, buy the extra fast or look for sellers who offer extra fast service within a gig. Stop bullying and your buying experience will be so much better


Reply to @marsch001: true enough. I think there is no need to rush when we can do it later as we have other priorities in life too.


Since I added the ExtraFast, I’ve pointed that out to people who mention that they want it extra fast/ask me how fast I can have it done - that I can only guarantee return within 24 hours if they buy it. That said, ASAP does mean “as soon as possible”, and what is as soon as possible may be the following day for me, if I don’t feel like making it a priority when they haven’t paid for the fast delivery.

I have a lot of smaller orders, that might be about 100 words - and while I do know that they don’t take long for me to do, it’s not always a matter of the time it would take me, but simply being away from the computer. If I have a deadline or it’s express, I will make sure to be near a computer to complete that order, but if it’s something that I can do the following day, I might as well go ahead and wait.


Reply to @bachas85: I just delivered the article and said that he needs to purchase extrafast the next time


I get people all the time who order without buying fast delivery saying “deliver ASAP!” Ughhh



It should be written above each “order” button.


It’s funny you should mention this - I have a long-time client who just asked me to complete his article in a short amount of time. I went ahead and did it because he is a good client. However, I let him know that from now on he needed to order the extra fast delivery because I have other work that demands priority and, unless there is an extra, it’s a first come, first served issue, and I would get to it as soon as I could. (sigh) :frowning:


Exactly! I won’t delay it if I have no other work but then ordering the gig and saying that this is going to take a long time and we are looking to receiving this as soon as possible is like bullying the sellers