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Buy the program of SEO Specialist, but still course trial version is available in LMS and asking for payment instead of full course. How should I got the full course

Hi. I buy the Program Pack of “Become an SEO Specialist”. But from that Program’s course titled “Google Analytics Fundamental’s” Trial version is available in my LMS and asking to buy the course. As, before purchasing that program, I see that course’s free Version earlier. I generate the ticket for two times but still issue is not resolved. Kindly guide me. What will I do to study that course in my previous payment?


I am still confuse of your story, did you buy the package from learn from Fiverr?

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Yes I buy the complete package of 7 courses but one of it’s complete version is not delivered

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Did you check your mails? I think I received some mails when I started one of the courses.
At the very least there should be a purchase confirmation.

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