Buy Traffic for GIG


hii so i have been thinking
That there are many Gigs on fiverr that provides Web Trafficking .
If i buy any one those gig to promote my own gig . Can i get a Ban??


If you purchase low quality traffic, your gig sell ratio will be very low, hence Fiverr algorithm will estimate your gig is useless and it will hide it at the bottom of the last page, as they tend to promote those gigs with better conversion.

If you are planning on doing a good payed campaing in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and so on, you can. Some time ago I contacted support and they told me it wasn’t ilegal.

Usually cheap traffic isn’t qualified. Just a bunch of people who are not interested in your service will visit the page and leave inmediately.


How did you do that?


You purchase a campaign on Google Adwords and direct it to your gigs. It won’t be a good business unless your gig has a very very high conversion rate.