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Buy wordpress Genesis theme GIG

Hello Guys.

Quick question. Does anybody have experience with buying these kinds of gigs. They state they have developer account and that it is completely legal to buy the theme from them.

Can this be true ? Is it true? It sounds too god to be true. 5$ for a theme that costs normally 60$.

Please advise. Thank you

I would say don’t buy from them, you don’t know what changes they have made in the coding and you wont be getting any future updates either. And if they say they have the developer account, they are lying

So you think they download it and sell it illegally on fiverr?

Reply to @inet01: Developer license allows developer to use the product in others such as websites and sell them. So they’re not necessarily lying. But they have to use it in a website or something. Not directly sell it to you.


So if they install it directly to my website can I use it legally?

And is there any way they can prove that they have this license?

Reply to @inet01: Not if they just sold you the theme. Like @kay2809 said, a developer license does not give them the right to resell. Assuming that they are being truthful about having a developer license in the first place. Many theme developers don’t even offer a developer license.

Please report sellers who do this, it’s unfair to the theme’s developers and cheats them out of their hard work.

Reply to @inet01: I’d be wary giving anyone access to your website.

I’m also be wary of buying it on the “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” principle.

There are some great Genesis theme builders out there. I’m a fan of StudioPress myself. Best of luck to you.

I think it’s better to use Custom Genesis Child Theme for personal blog. They are lying to you.