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BuyBuyer's Request: What does sent offers mean?

Can anyone tell me what this is? I don’t know how buyer’s request works and was wondering what “sent offers” means. This is the second time I’ve looked at that section. Are these offers that were sent to me specifically?

There are some messages there where it looks like people are asking about my services. There is no date on them. I see no way to respond to them also.

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Sent offers is the total number offers you have sent to buyers. Mine is 528.

Really! It must have been very long ago because I don’t remember sending any yet there are several in there.

Each one has a very long message from the person who apparently got the message.

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That shows the offers that you sent to the offers shown under ACTIVE. Then if your request sounds good, buyers will directly message to you regarding your request.

Well apparently they did message me from the looks of it. None purchased though. It’s new to me, seeing those messages and that section.

I’ve never gotten messages in my inbox from any of those people.

Strange to not see dates on them.

Shouldn’t I get a message if someone has answered or sent me a message?