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Buye/Customer not responding after accepting Order

I go a message form a buyer and then next day he responded to my queries and then over the WhatsApp call he asked me to initiate the order and I started working on that. I completed the activity in 1.5 days instead of 2 days. not a big deal here . but now today is the date but the buyer isnt responding anywhere . not in Fiver not on whatsApp . both these channels he agreed he will be available for any queries to resolve. although I didnt have any queries but not what to do ?
Like every suggested, should i increase the delivery dates ? Will it not impact my project completion / delivery ?
My first project and I am having a concussion like feeling, whether I wasted my time in developing a solution or the client is genuine here or not ?


if the client does not respond , but you complete your client project . Then please Deliver your work
or you can increase the Delivery date , if the client accept your delivery date then it would not impacts your delivery . no matter when clients accept your custom offer for Extended Delivery time .

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I have already delivered as soon as I completed. There is no point keeping the file with me . I have already invested my time and effort. why should I extend the project timeline. I have completed my work before time.
So if the client doesnt revert in time then it is all waste ? is that so !?

But this is very disappointing that clients dont feel responsible. They dont bother to check if there is any necessary comunication they need to respond to.
This is definitely not the right way to work in project.

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So, there is no resolution on this! we are just wasting our time and effort and there is no guarantee of payment for our time/effort/ solution that we build for the client demands!
If there Fiverr Dispute Team that can resolve this issue?