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Buyed has read message


Dear Fiverr, Buyers and sellers.

Mabye it is just me, but i get realy alot of messages each and everyday from buyers that have questions about my gig, can i do this, can i do that, how does this work, how does that work.

All the time i am sending out a message to my buyers but it is a little annoying to me that i can not see if my message is read yet or not.

So, i will strongly suggest Fiverr to add a system that will show you on each message if it has been read or not. with a red light for not read yet, and a green light for read. or just on the end of the page something that says “Buyer has not read you message yet” “Buyer has read your message”

Do you think we need this? Please leave your comment on this below.

Thank you, and have a blessed further day.


I think it will help us


How would it help? The buyer (potential buyer, they’re only buyers after they actually buy something from you) will either respond to you, or not. Knowing that they have read your message isn’t going to change anything.


@catwriter true, but you can allways respond to it if you seen that they have read it over what is holding them back from buying the gig, mabye the buyer doenst know how fiverr works yet and u might be able to help him/her out or mabye he doenst feel right on the offer you made and you can give him/her another offer that fits your buyer more and still get the sale. All i am trying to say is that you will never know any of these awsners if you dont even know if your buyer has read your message. Its up to anyone but i love to know why someone is holding back from something, and make something negative into something positive. some sellers have one click awnsers to their buyers, i know that, but for me i love to communicate with my buyers to make the most out of it for me aswell for my buyers.


If they haven’t replied to you and you send them another message, they might see it as annoying, or even report you for spamming.

A buyer who really wants to buy from you will do it.