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Buyer Abusing Revisions Rant

I apologize up front, this is going to be a dumping ground for my frustrations on a recent order.

I had a buyer place an order for a resume revision a week and a half ago. He paid for 24 hour expedite, and I delivered it on time. The buyer then sat on the delivery for three days, requesting a revision just a few hours before the gig would have been marked complete. His revision request was VERY VAGUE, but I did the best I could with what I knew and delivered the Revision # 1 about 24 hours later. The buyer then sat on the revision for another three days, again requesting Revision # 2 just before the cutoff. This time he said, “I’m not happy with this delivery.”

Okay, I’m a professional, I can take feedback. So I asked him, “What are you dissatisfied with? If you can give me some more detail than just ‘I don’t like this,’ I’m happy to make changes as you see fit.” No response. 12 hours later I follow up, again asking for clarification on what he wants changed. No response. 12 hours later, I again ask for clarification…no response. So I deliver Revision # 2, roughly 24 hours after his revision request.

Within ten minutes, he requests Revision # 3 and says, “I’m not happy with this.” Okay…what, EXACTLY, are you unhappy with? No response. 12 hours later, “What are you unhappy with?” No response. 12 hours later, “What can I fix for you?” No response. So last night, I’m about to deliver Revision # 3 based off of his non-feedback and he requests a cancellation because, “This is taking too long.”

RAGE. I declined his request and gave a very detailed timeline of when things were delivered. I then submitted a ticket to Fiverr Support, indicating that it appears as if this buyer is abusing the revisions system to get a delivery without paying for it.

This is the first time I’ve EVER had a buyer pull a stunt like this in more than 5 years on Fiverr. Sure, I’ve had dissatisfied buyers, and I’m more than happy to cancel an order and refund a buyer who has a legitimate beef with my work. But this guy…this guy has repeatedly sat on my deliveries, given no feedback whatsoever on what he’s like changed, and then has the unmitigated gall to say that I’M TAKING TOO LONG?

If this were a piddly $5-25 order, I’d have no problem canceling it. But it’s nearly $150, and I’ve easily spent 10+ hours on the original delivery and all of the revisions. I guess we will see what Fiverr Support has to say about it. Thanks for letting me vent.



I do understand your situation. Somewhat Similar thing happened with me. I delivered the order. The buyer gave me the rating. Everything was done. Then after some time, “Order is Cancelled”. She just did a PayPal chargeback. What worse is that she at the same time did this with one of my other friend so I can say that she just took the work from both of us and i think from other sellers too and got the money too.

I think at this point Fiverr does need to take necessary actions against them. For example, Do not give refunds in this case even if it was a PayPal chargeback. They can introduce a legal system. They are a big company. Not a street business. Millions of transactions are done via fiverr but those $100k frauds are happening every year. If this thing will continue, Sellers would just rage quit and then it would be late for Fiverr to fix the things.

I am a social media entrepreneur, I do add some meta data information in my work so I can track my content. And I have seen many websites and users are using it without my permission. I cannot contact them outside of Fiverr just because it’s not allowed to contact anyone outside of Fiverr. So I really don’t know.