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Buyer abusing , worried about the feedback

Hello sellers ! hope you all have a good day
my problem in short…well this buyer actually come up telling me i need someone flexible and everything and asked for 5 revision gig , but he didn’t used them and actually telling me to send over email and leave like this…i did a good job and changed everytime everything he asked for …but yesterday we didn’t agree on something sent him a .rar file he accusing me i can’t open this file …what did u send…like hello it’s a .rar file , i said don’t you use pc alot ? he got mad over that…and like he made a revision on the order , i was like smart of you asking for 5 revision and making me send everything in the chat , …he is not honnest and a reseller i believe… and i was doing a video showing the 3d model wich is not in my gig and alot of favors are not on my gig
this is the 3’rd order and the one before got complete and he did not made a feedback , maybe waiting to make me afraid of bad rating…i am level one seller and didn’t work alot but all 5 stars and all have a good relationship he’s saying he have other projects but i do not want to work for him anymore , i am kinda sure he will give me bad feedback after , can i prevent that ?

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Hello, I stopped reading after this part. You are not communicating to him in a professional way. It is very abusive in the way you are messaging him. It will not make things easier for you to talk this way to people. I hope you understand this is meant to be a helpful response rather than critical.

You cannot control his feedback at this point but in the future it helps to be always polite and nice every time you message a client. It might help to apologize to him before he leaves his review.

I use the computer a lot for years and don’t have familiarity with .rar files either. You probably don’t have to worry about getting another order from him.


You need to rethink the way you communicate with customers, even if you’re frustrated with their lack of .rar knowledge, that won’t take you far. And if we’re talking about actual email, make sure to read Fiverr’s terms of service, too. Good luck.


that’s one of the things but i am talking about abusing reviews and making me send him everything then he move a small part and i have to resend everything again , i was very respectful but he was rude , the order before i’ve done so many revisions even if the order have been complete because i always finish my work , and i am going to finish this work and not accepting another because i don’t want to work with him , i work half price for him and double work well i am sure he will leave a bad feedback after i stop working for him …i am not sure what clients of fiverr think of us ,we have my own business locally in the jewelry industry from printing to manufacturing …and i just work for extra , and he was like if you need 5$ more i can give that …humiliation …the buyer is very proud of the work i do but his rudeness and way of working will stop me from working for him , actually the very first time he came to me to fix a model that couldn’t be printed …now it’s explain why that seller didn’t continue fixing it for him i had no problems with anybody until now

it’s actually way more then this .rar file thing…if you read everything…

Understand that how you communicate is about 65% of the important part of what you do here. It can make or break you on fiverr. No matter what they do or say always be polite.

We all deal with difficult clients all the time. I know it’s hard to do sometimes but it’s going to be what gets you good reviews partially.

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and i am.
thank you for the advice

I read everything, but my point is that you can’t talk to customers like that, the rar was one example as I didn’t want to quote and comment your whole post. My main point, however, was, if you sent the file, or files, by email, as you made it sound like, please do yourself a favour and read Fiverr’s terms of service. Off-Fiverr communication is one of the top reasons for warnings and bans.


thank you and can you also tell me is delivering the orders or drafts in the chat also against fiverr policy ?

You can deliver drafts via inbox if you want to (at your own discretion and risk) but you always need to deliver the final and complete delivery via the deliver button on the order page.
What is against Fiverr’s policy is to “work via inbox” before the buyer placed an actual order (this is for the seller’s protection, so the buyer won’t take the work and run).

I definitely recommend reading the terms fully, and it will help you to avoid all kinds of problems if you also read the articles in Fiverr’s “Seller Help Center”, they are helpful.


I’d be mad too if a seller talked to me that way lol. I’m not sure how I would respond. I would be very shocked.

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If you don’t abuse revisions and be clear for your work and don’t ask for extra work not mentioned in the gig and gives a good brief you will be okay.

And that, you see, fouedspeshal, is the problem, the buyer might complain to Fiverr about you and/or not use Fiverr anymore - bad for you, bad for Fiverr, bad for us all. :upside_down_face: (or maybe not, depending on the buyer, but that’s something we can’t really know, only hearing one side)

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Many sellers get banned for that. I doubt if I would leave a 5 star review.

You forgot to mention not knowing about .rar files.

i just mentioned that …wasn’t the real problem and we are cool now but seems that y’all don’t understand …and he gaves 5 stars usually.

Well that is THE major problem we noticed. It really outweighs anything else.

Yes, that’s what should come from buyer side, but also, buyers can expect professional and polite communication.
And professional means professional, even if a buyer gets unprofessional, never lower yourself to that level.

That said, most of the buyers I’ve met through Fiverr are amazing and nice people.

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Anyway you should be able to block him from ordering in his profile page. You should first wait a week to see if he leaves a review or comments to you again.

You are judging everything with a small phrase i said , and no i am not going to block him
i will finish the work and tell him that i can’t work anymore
Problem solved thank you.

True that most buyers are amazing and nice people , not all but most