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Buyer accept delivery, rate good, and after almost one day cancel the order , how is that possible?

Hello Fiverrs,
I’am havin a serious problem now with this order.Someone bought a gig from me , and I delivered,then he asked for a revision, where I explain everything he needed to know about my delivery , since it was a business name gig, and I sent eveything that He asked once again, and He accepted the delivery , gave a good rate.and For me we were good. no problem.
But , 12 hours after or something, I just received a notification that he cancelled the order , and an email from fiverr saying : " your order with “…” was canceled due to dispute initiated by the buyer and/or their issuing bank.The funds from this order were automatically returned to the buyer."
I’d like to understand , why is that possible ? why this can happen ? someone come and order , take your time , agreed on everything and without any question, can cancel the order and receive his money back .

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Sounds like a credit card or a Paypal chargeback.

Check the buyer’s account. If it’s gone, it was a chargeback, and Fiverr banned them for it.

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yes it is, contacted fiverr support , and they said it’s beyond their control if a buyer abused his payment privileges, but my other question is why the percentage of completed order has been affected because of that , an order that I didn’t do anything wrong

Because the order was cancelled.

I know, not fair at all. Someone scams you, and you get punished for it. You can try to ask Customer Support to fix your percentage. They probably won’t do it, but who knows.