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Buyer accept Gig on $ 5 and work is about $100

Hi there

Buyer purchase my basic Gig without discussion on $ 5 and work is about $100 i think.

timeline = 1 day

but can not possible in 5 days.

what to do ?


Try to explain him the situation politely, if he doesn’t understand that contact CS.


This is very big problem for sellers.

  1. Can not do work within budget.
  2. Sometimes cancellation is problem for account.
    Also I have faced this problem.
    Anyway, You should discuss with buyer professionally. Explain to them. Once they agree, modify the order (Price and time)

For avoid this problem in future : Increase GIG price.



contact buyer discusses Jos requirement buyer answer positive and you use Visit the Resolution Center fix this problem :slightly_smiling_face: thank you :heart_eyes:


Just raise query to CS, waiting their reply.

Thanks, buyer is not respond me and clock is going to finish the time.

i raised query to CS for cancellation from CS side , i don’t know what will happen.


Drop him message explaining everything and Use resolution center to modify order, Add extra amount and days…if he accepts you need not to cancel order.
Cancellation may affect to your gig ranking and order completion rate so try to solve this out mutually !

CS takes almost week to reply to your tickets these days !

what will happen , if i accept cancellation, buyer raise the request,

what to do now, the buyer is not professional, and not increase price or timeline. after discuss with,

totally disturb my whole day…

contact him for take time for 5days or more and tell him the work you give it to me it’s not 5$ job basically it start with at least 100$, increase your budget pls

Already decline my resolution… for increase time and price