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Buyer accepted and reviewed but Order is not completed


Hello everyone one of my client said that he completed my order and gave me 5 star review but in my side nothing happened. The order is still delivered( Not completed)
What should I do now?

Order is not completed
Order and feedback status pending or on hold

Sounds like CS might be able to help if it’s a bug of some sort?


Thank you.I will contact with CS


contact customer support for this issue


That is very rare case.Do you see it shows completed order on manage sales


No it’s shows on delivered order


Never faced this
Kindly contact with CS


This is happening to me as well does anyone know why? Or the solution?


My client contacted with CS then my problem was solved. You can contact with CS


I have same problem.It happened on my account too


I am facing same problem again


So did you contact cs again?


i’m facing this problem too Now :frowning: .


No the problem was automatically solved


if you face the same problem again then don’t forget to contact Fiverr CS it’s a bug so they should fix it.