Buyer accepted my custom bid, accepted, then said she needed $$


I went with a fairly new buyer. Keep in mind I was pretty upfront about my needs, my status as far as writing, and it was a HUGE payment for fivver, over $400. The buyer did NOT request any portion of my written material to see what needed to be done, she accepted payment in full and we agreed to a time frame. A few days later, the buyer came back stating that she needed $100 dollars more and 5–6 more days, when I am paying her extra for a rush job. She did provide some initial feedback which was helpful, to a point. Not a native English speaker and Brit American, so some confusion there… However, she did offer some valuable insights though about 50% of her feedback was pretty useless to me… I.E. American regional dialect-- she corrected half of it and then told me it wasn’t consistent for example. I was happy with some of her macro stuff and I’ve found it useful to have many opinions. Since, I can (barely) with the five extra days, review and address the feedback prior to something far more extensive, I really felt like I had little choice but to go along? But, is this how Fiverr works? Someone creates a CUSTOM order for me, without CHECKING a sample, then says it’s “too hard” and “more time”?? Can sellers just demand more money and time after accepting a bid? She offered to refund but the point is, she’s already taken up a great deal of time? I did email CS but haven’t heard back yet. I’m pretty displeased… $451 is a hefty chunk of change and now it’s 5-6 more days and $100 more. It’s “never happened before?” IDK.
Any thoughts would be helpful. As I said, I did accept but didn’t really feel as though I’d much choice at this point.


So basically you are talking about Seller . As a seller i want to address you, when you are hiring a person for a job , you should have conduct some simple test for that .


Agreed. If I had time and had known about this site for less expensive and timely work, I absolutely would have. And will, in the future. Thanks for the input. I am asking if there’s anything I can do NOW, not a month ago. I did check out many sellers. ACC


Well there is a simple solution . You can contact Fiverr Customer Care Service(which is right below in website) and Inform Them About All the Scenario . You can just Tell them to cancel the order by providing the reasons that you are not satisfied from the Seller . or you can provide them other reasons . Surely They Will help you


Yes I have done so and am waiting on a reply. My point is, I don’t want to REJECT the order at this point. I’m wondering if there’s a policy on a custom bid and later price increase demand. I feel that the seller, by accepting the bid, does own a responsibility to do the work as promised, not say “It’s too hard!” when they didn’t request a sample and my bid offer was clear and complete. If you find my work “hard” because I don’t throw adverbs all over it, and editors don’t like those, and use creative words? That’s not a “hard to edit issue” that’s lack of comprehension IMO. That said, if my work’s impenetrable (she’s more or less literate) her feedback can be helpful as I am hoping to write in a way that’s understandable. IDK. A lot of her feedback is interesting, it’s just she said “so many edits” when a lot of her edits, i.e. dialect are INCORRECT, or thinking another word is somehow “better” because she’s lacking knowledge regarding dialect/jargon. Her macro feedback is helpful and useful however. I kind of feel like I’m getting 50% service, and paying an EXTRA $100 on it. I expected it to not be PERFECT, I mean, I do realize the site I’m using, and I would have been MORE than happy if it were delivered at agreed upon price and date. ACC


Hi there. Well, I do sometimes accept jobs that then are more work= take more time than I initially thought, I just grit my teeth and do it anyway and I guess it´s like that for most or at least many sellers. If I have all the info needed for a custom offer and my pricing is too low, well, tough for me.

A different thing is, of course, when a buyer wasn´t upfront with the work, or, after the fact, adds requirements or information or ‘items’ that hadn´t been calculated into the price, or didn´t read the gig description and wants something done for the base price that needs to be bought by adding an ‘extra’ to the order and such,
but if the buyer provided all necessary information for the seller to write them a custom order, the onus to provide a correct price and timeframe is on the seller IMO.

That said, if there are understandable reasons why someone asks for more money and/or additional days for delivery, it might be the fair and nice thing to talk about it and accept it, which you apparently did.
If the work is not what has been agreed on, too faulty etc. it is possible to
ask the seller for a revision,
ask the seller to cancel the order (Fiverr would automatically refund your money)
or, if they refuse, contact Customer Support with the case and see what they say.

Customer Support might tell you to try to work together with the seller to solve the problem, or they might cancel the order for you, depending on what exactly is the case, they can look into the order and the communication between you and your seller, ‘see both sides’ so it´s easier for them than for anyone on the forum to assess the situation.

I hope you can work it out with your seller or with Customer Support and better luck and less trouble with your next order! :four_leaf_clover:


If what you require was laid out clearly in the gig description/custom offer then it is not permitted for the seller to ask for more money and the increased time is at your discretion.
If you have changed what needed to be done then the seller is entitled to ask for an increase in both time and money.
As with any business agreement, some leeway should be/is allowed if unforeseen additional work came up. If it was reasonable that the seller could have missed some of the requirements either through poor communication from you or another reason, then I would say that this should be negotiated between you for a mutually acceptable solution.

However, if you have already accepted the seller’s requests then you are in a different position. You could negotiate a partial refund with the seller if you feel the extra was unfair/unwarranted. This would need to be discussed with the seller first and then communicated to CS by the seller. If the seller refuses and you are unhappy then CS is the only option. CS can take up to 48 hours for responding, especially at weekends but it is generally within 24 hours.

Edit: @miiila got there before me :slight_smile:


Couldn’t have said it better my self!


I agree there should be leeway if it’s warranted. In this case I don’t feel that it is, as the seller gave reason “too many line edits” when half of them were… Unnecessary by a native USA speaker. I’ve had this copy edited before and no one else has had issues with dialect/pretty easy jargon. Creative use of words requiring a dictionary was not specified in the offer, but why not ask for a sample? Like I said, I’m 50% happy and willing to negotiate with the seller, I just wondered if this was even a REASONABLE request as I provided her with ALL materials she REQUESTED, and she KNEW I was in a rush. Her email was basically-- if you don’t give me $100 more and 5-6 more days, I will cancel your order (after we are 3-4 days in?) I don’t mind the sucky line editing, I didn’t expect my service to be perfect, I wanted a fresh set of eyes before sending it to an editor that I KNOW but who is not fiverr price. I’m okay with what she’s DOING, I can reject ridiculous line edits, I just feel that she pretty much extorted me. I accepted her price and time increase because SOME of what she’s doing is helpful, I just imagined there might be a POLICY on this? I mean, isn’t that the point of investigating/communicating/bidding? If she had kept to her original bid, I would have been fine, but she DIDN’T. And if one of your edits is “Jargon?” I’m sorry, if you want to EDIT try looking it up on Google. Seriously. ACC


You really didn’t need to accept the request for extra money or time.
I have no idea whether they deserved it or not but it does seem unreasonable going on what you have said. However, there are two sides to every story so I can’t advise. What you do from here is up to you but my action if I felt someone was trying to extort me would be to cancel the order, not accept it and pay them more, regardless of the time frame.
I feel you may have limited your options of recourse by accepting that request but as always, if you feel you are right, go to customer support.


No, I didn’t have to and probably in a different situation wouldn’t have. But when you get a) I will do a horrible job b) pay me more or c) I (the buyer) will cancel the order? When I have just given you a huge job with a fair amount of leway over time which was also negotiated? That’s pretty unfortunate, especially when she was aware I was on a time frame. I’ll see what CS says about the matter, if there is a clear policy I may try holding this buyer to the fire, but my issue is, I want the job done to the best of her ability and she certainly does have SOME abilities in areas where I’m weak. I just wanted to know if this was kosher, sounds like it wasn’t, and I will see what CS has to say. Thanks for the responses.



I do understand why you did it and it is a difficult one, especially when you are on a deadline.

I would suggest making it clear to the seller that you were unhappy about that extra payment and try to find a solution of either extra work or partial refund but really I think that is your option, I can’t see CS intervening if you dont discuss it with the seller first. Also, if you wait until the job is finished and then mention it, it will look like you are being unfair - which I don’t think you are.
Good luck with it and hopefully you can work it out with the seller.


Thanks for the advice eoinfinnegan. I think this is one of those “learning curve” situations on fiverr. But, I can live with it, I just wanted to know for future reference, whether this type of thing is usually done… Sounds like no, by professional sellers. I will definitely be doing my due diligance in the future, I just had a limited time frame. Sigh. Win some, lose some. And no, I won’t demand a refund later, without talking to the seller, and CS will likely say resolve it with the seller-- how do I do that if they agree to original price and then do what they ALREADY said they would-- poor work. Thanks for the support :slight_smile: ACC


Actually, I think that you are right, and I’m going to request a cancellation myself. She’s unlikely to finish what I want if I dispute, but she did violate the TOS. Next time in FIVERR I will not order without due diligence.


Have you communicated this to the Seller?

Communication is a two-way street and I feel it’s important to speak with your Seller in a nice, honest and personable way that not explains your concerns, but also lets them know that they don’t need to worry about certain aspects (that you’re aware but are okay with certain things being passed over) due to the sake of time.

You have to put yourself in the Sellers shoes in these instances, they’re likely just trying to do their best to provide a stellar service or provide any requested/required services that wasn’t initially in the scope of the original order. If something wasn’t discussed prior, it’s both parties fault. You always go to work together no matter what (communication is key). You know what they save when you assume… :smirk:

I will say, however, that the Seller should have taken the lead on the communication (covering all bases prior to creating a custom order) but something isn’t or hasn’t been communicated the right way between each other and that’s where people get upset.


I would take the offer to cancel with a sigh of relief and never look back if I were you based on everything wrong that you have told us.

It sounds unethical to me aside from the issues you have mentioned with her work.


Yes, I did end up canceling then she showed her true colors… I think you’re correct, that there was no win from this situation.

Also, the “editor/critiquer” offered some odd comments, like the fact that MEN never use exclamation points, corrected my spelling to British American (many comments) and the like. Seemed she didn’t question my location, just ASSUMED I would love her lofty review as a “published author” even if I’m not publishing in Britain, or India, both areas where she claimed expertise.

Any copyeditor care to reassure me that “Excitement marks!” as my son calls them, is an incorrect usage for the male gender?

I wish it could have worked out, but no big deal, I really was looking for a very light read (no editing, which she did as a “favor” to show me how “bad” my work was and how she needed more time and money, prior to an editorial review in late June, where I was able to submit samples and review past accolades…

Gah. Now I have a huge balance to get rid of unless I call my CC company to reverse charges, which is always fun. As long as Fiverr keeps my balance, I might consider more reviews, starting with a small test, later on. But OY. The rudeness was amazing, after she realized I’d researched TOS, etc.



I’m sure men use exclamation points. I’m glad you got a refund. After you paid for express delivery she was wrong to request many more days if nothing else.


I use exclamation marks a lot!

I have never heard of gender specific punctuation.


Thanks for the reassurance, that had to be the most horrifying (to me) line edit that I’ve ever recieved. I was extremely upfront providing over two pages of detailed written information on what I needed, why I am writing the way I do, etc. Come to think, I even ADDED that I was a poet for much of my life and adore interesting sentence constructions and unusual words, I don’t want my work “edited” into what it’s not intended to be.

I feel sad for the seller, actually, if she believes men aren’t allowed to use exclamation points! Life in whatever her home country is must be dull indeed, or maybe she doesn’t interact much with men who feel exclamatory :slight_smile: I would not be feeling exclamatory toward her, were I male. Yes, to me, it was pretty bad news. At least she’s stopped harrassing me via email.