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Buyer accepted my offer but

My client has accepted my custom offer.
Does tgis means that he did the payment too?

Once the Buyer places an order, a payment will be made.

You won’t be able to collect that payment until 2-weeks after the job has been completed and accepted by the Buyer.


By Accept we assume that he hit the Buy button on Fiverr and paid his money. Also that as proof of that Fiverr has sent you notification to say that your Gig has be ordered and all of what you asked for in your Requirements Form has been sent over so you can get started.

If it is yes on all the above, you need to start work.
If not, wait. No matter what he says, if Fiverr haven’t told you that you are hired, you are not hired (and likely they are a scammer).


This is a fairly fundamental basic of operating on Fiverr. Hopefully, this is not a portent of further difficulties to arise…

Congratz and good luck on your order.

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