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Buyer accepted order not no reviews

i want to know what to do to the buyer who get order but no give review


You already asked about it - doing anything about it is against ToS. Unfortunately, sellers can’t do anything, but keep working on next orders. Buyers only have to pay for the service that they get, and they don’t have to write reviews


although im new here but know a little bit about rules.
@tanveer1975 its important question.but unfortunately seller has no right to ask for review. so only to accept the reality and follow rules.


Buyers don’t have to leave reviews. For example, you probably don’t leave a review for every product that you buy on Amazon. It’s against Fiverr TOS to ask a buyer to leave a review (you also can’t hint at them to leave a review). I hope this helps!


suggestion of @olyasr is true. try to follow :grinning:


There is nothing you can do!
Eventually if you buy something online there is quite a bit of chance review isn’t given…
it is normal at the end you can do your best and try give the best service regarding project

I have completed 850+ jobs on Fiverr.

But only about 75% of them have received reviews.

It doesn’t really matter if you get a review or not unless you need the ego boost.

I don’t.


you can’t do anything. But I think you convince the buyer for giving a review.

okay thanks for nice suggestion


you are right. but he is offline since lat 6 days. and i m not sure he will come online or will spend the time, allowed to give reviews


Maybe he/she is busy at this time.

yes there is possibility


No you can’t that is so rude and unethical and agaisnt the ToS.

Maybe you should read the ToS and thinking ethically before saying something here.


Is there any way to ask or request him about this?

No - unfortunately, sellers can’t ask about reviews. Also, this is unethical. Many sellers think, that a buyer can “forget” about a review, or that the buyer “doesn’t know” how to write a review - when buyers say it, they simply try to be polite, because this process is automatic and very clear and easy. So when buyers don’t leave a review, they don’t want to do this

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simply you can knock the buyer and say about review

You can’t do this. Stop recommend things, that is totally wrong and break the ToS


okay… i don’t do this

You can talk to him & convince for review…

I want to know how is it possible without broken ToS…?