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Buyer accepted order weeks ago, today closed her account and disputed charges

Over two weeks ago, I completed a $40 order for a customer who loved and accepted the work. Today, I get an email that she disputed the charge with Paypal and she cancelled her account. The money was deducted from my account and I have no way to defend myself at all. How is that possible and/or fair? I did the work. It was accepted. She gets the keep the work and the money now?

It isn’t fair. Nope. Yes, she gets to keep the money and whatever you delivered here as it is Fiverr’s policy to not dispute chargebacks (worst policy ever)

Her account has been banned (hence why her account no longer exists). If it becomes unbanned, that means that she has stopped the chargeback. IF THAT HAPPENS get in touch with customer support. It means that Fiverr now have your money. They will not return it, even if the client cancels their dispute! Sometimes you will get it back, sometimes not.

Fiverr should update such policies. It hurts and time wasting. I have had customers who had their way with this and went away with my money. I contacted Fiverr supported and nothing could be done. In one night I had Fiverr cancelled orders worth $500 that had already been closed and delivered.

They scammed you because they’re nothing more than pond scum, there’s a few of these con men on here unfortunately, the only thing you can try and do is make a counter claim with Pay Pal and show then all the evidence, whether or not they will help you is another thing?

In some cases fiver staff will do something for you but I’m not sure if too much time has passed. Thats your first step though… Contact fiverr support… not us.

I did contact Fiverr support and they basically said “too bad.” I don’t understand why they will not defend a chargeback.

They don’t defend against chargebacks for the same reason they don’t defend against Amazon… Fiverr is tiny compared to Paypal and they’d be crushed easily. Can you imagine how little trust someone would have buying through Fiverr with just a credit card? The whole idea of Paypal is that you have some protection and Paypal will get your money back if it’s fraud.

Without Paypal, Fiverr couldn’t easily conduct business. Rather than get into it with Paypal, Fiverr just accepts the chargeback, passes that difficulty on to the seller, and moves on. Such is the life of a Fiverr Freelancer.

I get that Fiverr doesn’t want to “do battle” with PayPal…but they don’t have to. I just don’t see how letting us defend ourselves when a buyer issues a chargeback harms Fiverr’s relationship with PayPal. PayPal’s own policies concerning chargebacks are very clear. If the store (in the case, Fiverr or the individual seller) can prove that they delivered what was paid for, PayPal will stop the chargeback.

Wouldn’t this actually be better for Fiverr’s reputation than just laying there and doing nothing any time a seller opened a dispute? If they just let any old buyer claim that they weren’t sent what they paid for (I’m not sure under what other conditions a buyer can open a chargeback, but looking at PayPal’s page about disputes, this seems to be the most dominant reason), and they never do anything about it, don’t they look scammy? That looks exactly like a seller who just cancels any and every order where the buyer is unhappy with their shoddy work…except Fiverr is letting it happen to their honest sellers, too.

If you look at PayPal’s page about chargebacks, the conditions for proving you delivered what the buyer paid for are pretty simple. In most cases, it would be really easy for a seller to prove that they are in the right.

Simply terminating the buyer’s account is not punishment enough, especially because, after the chargeback is finished, buyers can pretty much just say, “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again,” and get their accounts back. Or, of course, just open a new account and do it again to another seller.

Main issue is that too many “disputes” could freeze Fiverr’s funds and thus restrict payments and create more hassle so that’s why don’t really put effort in to contest as they work as a middle-man for the funds. Since it’s not like Ebay where you get paid directly, they don’t want to risk the chance of that, or well. That is my opinion on why they don’t anyways.

I wonder if we aren’t presented a method of defending ourselves because it would cut Fiverr out of the deal? I don’t know a hell of a lot of what goes on behind the financial scene… but if I personally went to Paypal to defend myself, would I be awarded the money instead of Fiverr? Or would the original transaction go through?

Fiverr isn’t big enough to irk and irritate people yet. They aren’t like Walmart, Amazon, Facebook, or Google – companies can just do whatever they want because they’ll get business no matter what. “Necessary evils.”