Buyer accepted resolution to extend delivery time for order


I am working on a order for which buyer sent an revision for delivery and after that accepted the resolution to extended the delivery time, is it affect my Fiverr rating? Please answer as soon as possible.


But be careful about reviews


Are you sure for that? As I am little bit afraid.


if you delivered the original order before the deadline passed, and the buyer then asks for a revision, even if the countdown thingy says LATE, your orderd won’t be seen as late for your stats.


Yes @boostorm
Don’t worry and wish you all the best


In my case I deliever the order but after delievery he asked for revision and then I increase delievery time to 28 days and she accepted that resolution , is it affect my rating as order showing in revision.


Thanks a lot for help.


No, revisions via resolution center don’t impact your stats, unless you cancel an order.
Increasing delivery time via RC is very smart, because it keeps you stats healthy.

Of course, if you have to increase delivery time for every order something is wrong.
But in this case you did the right thing!


Thanks for your help and support really appreciate it.