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Buyer- Accepting final files

When do we receive the file we have requested from the seller? After we click accept or should we get them before we click accept ? We have never been through this and want to make sure we don’t click accept and receive nothing in return. All work has been done and we like the logo that has been made,

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First, reverse search the logo to make sure the seller didn’t download it from google and giving you proprietary work that belongs to someone else.

(Put your mouse over the logo, right click, then search Google for image).

If it doesn’t come up than it’s legit. The seller must deliver all files agreed to before you accept.

WARNING: Do not Accept until you have all files. Once you accept and review, the seller is no longer obligated to give you anything else.

If it does come up on Google search, cancel the order and go with someone else. He/she stole it and if you use it, you’ll get sued or be asked to take it down.

Good luck either way!

I wish I had known not to accept before receiving the files. I couldn’t find any information on how the process works after I was happy with logo she showed me. She stated she will be sending me final files that I requested. I guess I’ll find out tommorow.

Don’t forget to reverse search to make sure it’s not plagiarized.

In addition to what Gina has told you - If the delivery is a ‘blank’ delivery you can always contact support and they’ll gladly resolve this for you!

Happy buying!

So i did a reverse look up an here is what it shows "No other sizes of this image found’.
It shows a bunch of websites listed with similar images but nothing directly related to the jpg image i was shown on my logo.

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Great! That’s what you want.